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\aITEM -1170097581 1304056806:Disease Infusion\/a

Dropped by
Bagarash (Stygian Threshold: The Howling Gateway [Event Heroic])
Black Bolt (Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction [Heroic])
Cugdava (Maldura: District of Ash [Heroic])
The Vengeful Elder (the correct ring)
Xoth, the Ever Rending (Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen [Advanced Solo])
Xoth, the Ever Rending (Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen [Heroic])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   a diacoustic aquatic shield spell scroll
   antique Malduran coin
   Arcannium Wax Sealed Document
   bag of gypsum
   cerulean umbrite shard
   charred grey flesh
   chipped chitin terror incisor
   Chitinous Antenna of Xoth
   classical icon of Brell
   Cold Infusion
   corrosive inhibiting metal oil
   Damaged Stone of Underfoot
   Fire Infusion
   flask of deep water
   Glittervein Relic
   gnawed bone
   Golaru, Without Color
   Invigorated Bulwark of Dark Horror
   Invigorated Chainmail Shirt of Dark Horror
   Invigorated Chestplate of Dark Horror
   Invigorated Gi of Dark Horror
   Invigorated Howling Alpha's Gauntlets
   Invigorated Howling Ancestor's Gauntlets
   Invigorated Howling Biter's Gloves
   Invigorated Howling Burrower's Gauntlets
   Invigorated Howling Gnasher's Gloves
   Invigorated Howling Hunter's Gloves
   Invigorated Howling Master's Gauntlets
   Invigorated Howling Predator's Gauntlets
   Invigorated Howling Spirit's Gloves
   Invigorated Howling Stalker's Fistwraps
   Invigorated Howling Thrasher's Gloves
   Invigorated Innovated Arcanic Robe
   Invigorated Innovated Battletech Chestguard
   Invigorated Innovated Blaster's Breastplate
   Invigorated Innovated Conscript's Gi
   Invigorated Innovated Electro-Charged Tunic
   Invigorated Innovated Engineer's Hauberk
   Invigorated Innovated Journeyman's Tunic
   Invigorated Innovated Mechanic's Breastplate
   Invigorated Innovated Pummeler's Gi
   Invigorated Innovated Sentry Cuirass
   Invigorated Innovated Shadow Cuirass
   Invigorated Innovated Systems Robe
   Invigorated Innovated Technician's Robe
   Invigorated Leather Tunic of Dark Horror
   Invigorated Robe of Dark Horror
   Invigorated Warmsmith's Ember Sleeves
   Invigorated Warmsmith's Hammered Spaulders
   Invigorated Warmsmith's Inferno Shoulderguards
   Invigorated Warmsmith's Inferno Shoulders
   Invigorated Warmsmith's Molten Shoulderguards
   Invigorated Warmsmith's Tempered Pauldrons
   Invigorated Warmsmith's Toughened Shoulderpads
   Invigorated Warsmith's Annihilator Helmet
   Invigorated Warsmith's Annihilator Spaulders
   Invigorated Warsmith's Crusher Helm
   Invigorated Warsmith's Crusher Pauldrons
   Invigorated Warsmith's Enduring Coif
   Invigorated Warsmith's Enduring Shoulderguards
   Invigorated Warsmith's Overpower Helm
   Invigorated Warsmith's Overpower Shoulders
   Invigorated Warsmith's Quarrying Headwrap
   Invigorated Warsmith's Quarrying Shoulderpads
   Invigorated Warsmith's Recon Shoulders
   Invigorated Warsmith's Striker's Cap
   Invigorated Warsmith's Striker's Sleeves
   left middle section
   Lumicite Amulet
   Lumicite Scrying Stone
   Poison Infusion
   Psychic Infusion
   pyre umbrite shard
   razor-sharp chitin plate
   Sigil of Krakatus
   Tablet of Execution
   Void Infusion

Item submitted by Kaz on 2015-11-20 18:30:49

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