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\aITEM -1228990423 -181058661:Empyral Advanced Ability Mod Infuser\/a

Dropped by
A Greater Lightcrawler (The Blinding)
An Ancient Spectre (The Blinding)
Arch Nemesis Rhag'Nazza (The Venom of Ssraeshza [Event Heroic])
Cerio Vallain (Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Order [Heroic])
Dread Lady Vezarra (Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Heroic])
Evisceraptor (Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Heroic])
Famyra the Biblioghost (Fordel Midst: Wayward Manor [Heroic])
Financier Fendilix (Fordel Midst: Bizarre Bazaar [Heroic])
Klechin Darkfist (Aurelian Coast)
Kor Va Xian (The Ruins of Ssraeshza [Heroic])
Korvisaur (Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Heroic])
Lady Warglave (Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Order [Heroic])
Marsun Ledar (Wracklands)
Revenant Sthzzzizt (Wracklands)
Rhag'Voreth (The Venom of Ssraeshza [Event Heroic])
Sanctus Eternus (Sanctus Seru: Arx Aeturnus [Event Heroic])
Shade of Vyzh'dra (The Vault of Ssraeshza [Heroic])
The Deadly Dapperling (Fordel Midst: Wayward Manor [Heroic])
The Great Sensate (Aurelian Coast)
The Shadow Overlord (Aurelian Coast: Maiden's Eye [Heroic])
Unhilynd (Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Divinity [Heroic])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   30 Grit Sand Rune
   30 Grit Sand Rune
   30 Grit Sand Rune
   a cheetah pelt
   a Ka Vethan relic
   a Maiden of Shadows icon
   a milky shissar eye
   a reishi cap
   a rotting shissar scale
   a shissar eye
   a shissar fang
   a shissar scale
   a tegi bowl
   a tegi spoon
   a xi kelara rune
   a xi ven rune
   Abomination X (Adept)
   Advanced Alchemist Studies 11
   Advanced Alchemist Studies 12
   Advanced Alchemist Studies 13
   Advanced Alchemist Studies 16
   Advanced Alchemist Studies 19
   Advanced Armorer Studies 12
   Advanced Armorer Studies 13
   Advanced Armorer Studies 14
   Advanced Armorer Studies 18
   Advanced Armorer Studies 19
   Advanced Carpenter Studies 11
   Advanced Carpenter Studies 12
   Advanced Carpenter Studies 13
   Advanced Carpenter Studies 14
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 11
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 12
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 13
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 15
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 16
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 17
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 20
   Advanced Sage Studies 19
   Advanced Sage Studies 20
   Advanced Tailor Studies 11
   Advanced Tailor Studies 17
   Advanced Tailor Studies 19
   Advanced Weaponsmith Studies 13
   Advanced Weaponsmith Studies 15
   Advanced Weaponsmith Studies 16
   Advanced Weaponsmith Studies 18
   Advanced Woodworker Studies 15
   Advanced Woodworker Studies 18
   Akhevan Dark Domain Key
   Akhevan Luclinite Dagger
   Akhevan Shadow Ring
   Ambush XI (Adept)
   an Akheva pendant
   Antagonize X (Grandmaster)
   Arachmech Greaves of Destruction
   Arachmech Leather Greaves of Destruction
   Arachmech Leather Greaves of the Deathless
   Arachmech Pants of Destruction
   Arachmech Pants of the Deathless
   Arcane Luclizite Fragment
   Arx Animus Belt
   Aspect of the Forest X (Adept)
   Astral Sky Bangle
   Auric Menasor's Gauntlets
   ball of ethereal yarn
   ball of ethereal yarn
   Band of Thugs VI (Adept)
   Barroom Negotiation X (Adept)
   Battlefield Commander's Ring
   Bazaar Banker's Belt
   Behemoth's Greaves of Evasion
   Belt of Bloody Quills
   Belt of the Biblioghost
   Belt of the Dark Abyss
   Berserker Onslaught IX (Adept)
   Blessed Shield of Seru
   Blessed Weapon X (Adept)
   Blood Afflictor
   Blood Rage IX (Adept)
   Blood Serpent Belt
   Bloody Deathtakers
   Bloody Siege Ring
   Book of the Month Club
   Book Wyrm's Corpse
   Boots of the Sambata Elder
   Bracelet of Sra'Veraz
   Bracelet of the Righteous
   Bracelet of the Shadowkeeper
   Bria's Inspiring Ballad X (Adept)
   Call to Arms X (Adept)
   Castigate VI (Adept)
   Cataclysm XI (Adept)
   centipede legs
   centipede legs
   Cerio's Theatrical Shortbow
   Chilling Claws X (Adept)
   Chronochamber Spark
   Cleave Flesh IX (Adept)
   Cloak of Chronal Energies
   Cloak of Midst
   Coif of the Sambata Elder
   Communion V (Adept)
   Concussion IX (Master)
   Construct's Sacrifice XI (Grandmaster)
   Consumption VI (Adept)
   Councilor Wrathburn
   Crippling Strike VII (Master)
   Curse of Void IX (Adept)
   Dark Hammer
   Dark Nebula X (Adept)
   Dark Seru Boots
   Darkreaver Scale Cloak
   Darkreaver's Ring
   Darkstalker's Earring
   Darkstalker's Earrings
   Death Cap Chopper
   Death Cap Dicer
   Death Cap Earrings
   Death Cap Pounder
   Death Cloud X (Adept)
   Death Mark IX (Adept)
   Deathtaker Bracelet
   Decimate VI (Adept)
   Delver's Crossbow
   Desolate Greaves
   Desolate Leather Leggings
   Dissolve XII (Adept)
   Divide and Conquer V (Adept)
   Dividend and Conquer
   Divine Inspiration IX (Adept)
   Divinion Knight's Bracelet
   Divinion Knight's Chevron
   Dread Bounty
   Earring of Venomous Depths
   Elemental Aspect X (Adept)
   Embezzler's False Wall
   Embodiment of Death
   Embossed Dazzler's Skullcap
   Embossed Menasor's Boots
   Embossed Menasor's Tunic
   emergent spiritual glow
   Empyral Advanced Crit Bonus Infuser
   Empyral Advanced Potency Infuser
   Empyral Advanced Stamina Infuser
   Empyral Ancient Ability Mod Infuser
   Empyral Ancient Crit Bonus Infuser
   Empyral Ancient Potency Infuser
   Empyral Ancient Stamina Infuser
   Empyral Grandmaster Recipes Volume III
   Empyral Grandmaster Recipes Volume IV
   Empyral Grandmaster Recipes Volume IX
   Empyral Grandmaster Recipes Volume VII
   Empyral Rune of Evasion
   Empyral Rune of Expedience
   Empyral Rune: Adamant Defiance
   Empyral Rune: Adamant Resolve
   Empyral Rune: Ascension of Destruction
   Empyral Rune: Ascension of Life
   Empyral Rune: Ascension of Love
   Empyral Rune: Ascension of Magic
   Empyral Rune: Astral Dominion
   Empyral Rune: Blinding Gleam
   Empyral Rune: Chorus of Night
   Empyral Rune: Firmament of Fire
   Empyral Rune: Firmament of Growth
   Empyral Rune: Firmament of Passion
   Empyral Rune: Firmament of Power
   Empyral Rune: Foundation of Earth
   Empyral Rune: Foundation of Excitement
   Empyral Rune: Foundation of Ruin
   Empyral Rune: Foundation of Thought
   Empyral Rune: Symphony of the Void
   Empyral Standard Ability Mod Infuser
   Empyral Standard Crit Bonus Infuser
   Empyral Standard Potency Infuser
   Empyral Standard Stamina Infuser
   Enrage X (Adept)
   Eternal Edge
   Eviscerate X (Adept)
   Eye Gouge IX (Adept)
   Faith Strike X (Master)
   Fanatical Healing XI (Adept)
   Feast VIII (Adept)
   Feral Destruction II (Adept)
   Financier's Pearls
   Financier's Rod
   Fist of Maiden's Overlord
   Flameshield IX (Adept)
   Flash of Brilliance IX (Adept)
   Flesh Render's Leather Gauntlets of the Deathless
   Flow Like Wind X (Adept)
   Focused Intervention VII (Adept)
   Fordel Letter Opener
   Fragment of Nether
   Fringed Dazzler's Cowl
   Fringed Dazzler's Pants
   Fringed Interceder's Cowl
   Frostbite IX (Master)
   Fuliginous Whip IX (Adept)
   Fungal Fistwraps
   Fungal Necklace
   Fusion VI (Master)
   Garith Oldfoe
   Gilded Suppressor's Greaves
   Glacial Wind IX (Adept)
   Glory VII (Adept)
   Glowing Stonegrabber Glyph
   Grol Baku Bracers of Destruction
   Grol Baku Necklace of Rage
   Grol Baku Ring of Tension
   Gut Kick X (Master)
   Harl's Rousing Tune XI (Adept)
   Harmony X (Adept)
   Healstorm X (Adept)
   Herald of Death
   Heretic's Doom IX (Adept)
   Hold the Line X (Adept)
   Holy Circle X (Adept)
   Holy Intercession X (Adept)
   Ice Storm XI (Adept)
   Icon of the Overfiend
   Illegible Scroll Page: Brittle Armor (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Brittle Armor (Master)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Bulwark of Rime (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Bulwark of Rime (Master)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Cascading Force (Master)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Elemental Amalgamation (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Elemental Avatar (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Erosion (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Etherflash (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Ethermancy (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Frozen Heavens (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Glacial Freeze (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Granite Protector (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Implosion (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Necrotic Caress (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Sanguine Embrace (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Septic Strike (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Septic Strike (Master)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Siphoned Fervor (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Stone Hammer (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Tainted Mutation (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Telluric Rending (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Terrene Destruction (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Terrestrial Coffin (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Thermal Depletion (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Toxic Life (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Union of Stone (Master)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Wildfire (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Withering (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Accretion (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Bloatfly (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Blood Contract II (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Blood Parasite (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Compounding Force (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Desiccation (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Elemental Channeling (Master)
   Illegible Scroll: Ethereal Conduit II (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Ethereal Gift (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Ethermancy (Grandmaster)
   Illegible Scroll: Exsanguination (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Frost Pyre (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Frozen Heavens II (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Necrotic Consumption (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Obsidian Mind II (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: One with Stone (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Phoenix Rising (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Stone Hammer II (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Stone Soul (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Touch of Magic (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Virulent Outbreak II (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Xenolith (Adept)
   Immobilizing Lunge X (Master)
   Inner Calm X (Adept)
   Inquest VII (Adept)
   Inquisitor L'Morr
   Izeroth's Baldric
   Keeper for the Keep
   Klirgain the Mangler
   Kor Va Xian's Shissar Fangs
   Korvisaur's Claw
   Korvisaur's Collar
   Kralkalik, the Hivewatcher
   Kror McKroffan
   Leaden Revenant Helm
   Leaden Revenant Leggings
   Life Stopper
   Litany VIII (Adept)
   Lost Pearls of Family Midst
   Lucid Shard of Mind
   Lucid Shard of Status
   Lucidus Barbute of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Boot Pattern of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Boots of Evasion
   Lucidus Boots of the Deathless
   Lucidus Chain Boots of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Chain Boots of the Deathless
   Lucidus Chain Mantle of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Coif of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Cowl of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Feet Pattern of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Feet Pattern of the Deathless
   Lucidus Helm of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Helm Pattern of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Leather Pauldrons of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Mantle of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Pauldrons of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Sabatons of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Sabatons of Evasion
   Lucidus Sabatons of the Deathless
   Lucidus Shoes of Enlightenment
   Lucidus Shoes of the Deathless
   Lucidus Shoulder Pattern of Enlightenment
   Luclinite Scrying Stone
   Luclizite Amulet
   Luclizite Insignia Ring
   Luclizite Relic
   Luclizite Scrying Stone
   Luminary Conductor's Necklace
   Mage Dewey's Ring of Decimals
   Maiden's Overlord Bangle
   Maiden's Overlord Earring
   Maiden's Overlord Forearms
   Maiden's Overlord Staff
   Maiden's Overlord Torque
   Makeshift Arrows IX (Adept)
   Malevolent Enforcer
   Mektaelnik, the Aggressor
   Midst Librarian's Bracelet
   Midst Librarian's Cincture
   Midst Manor Necklace
   Mind's Eye VII (Master)
   Miracle Shot VIII (Adept)
   Mock XI (Adept)
   Mountain Stance VIII (Adept)
   Necklace of Sra'Veraz
   Necklace of the Arch Nemesis
   Netherlord VII (Adept)
   Night Strike XI (Adept)
   Overlord's Corrupted Chain
   Overlord's Corrupted Cleaver
   Overlord's Corrupted Cloak
   Overlord's Corrupted Flesh
   Overlord's Corrupted Mace
   Overlord's Corrupted Rusty Chain
   Overlord's Corrupted Soil
   Overseer Quest: Convince the Guardians
   Overseer Quest: Reacquire the Idol of Solusek Ro
   Pain Bringer
   Pattern: Empyral Shoes of Ability
   Pattern: Sambata Saddle of Ability
   Perfect Shrill XI (Adept)
   Pledge of Armament IX (Adept)
   Polished Spectre Blade
   Portrait of a Fun Guy
   Praesertum Bracelet
   Praesertum Paladin's Locket
   Precise Strike IX (Adept)
   Pristine Lightcrawler Carapace
   Pristine Rockhopper Horn
   Pristine Shissar Fang
   Pristine Zelniak Hide
   Protoflame VII (Adept)
   Provoke XI (Master)
   Quick Swipe XIII (Master)
   Raptor Bone Ring
   Rebuke XI (Adept)
   Reconstructed Empyral Infusers
   Rejuvenation XI (Adept)
   Rejuvenation XII (Adept)
   Rending VIII (Master)
   Researchable Artifact: Ancient Burnt Token
   Researchable Artifact: Ancient Inscribed Token
   Researchable Artifact: Ancient Metallic Token
   Researchable Artifact: Ancient Scribe Token
   Researchable Artifact: Ancient Scuffed Token
   Researchable Artifact: Ancient Wooden Token
   Researchable Artifact: Ancient Worn Token
   Researchable Artifact: Azure Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Consuming Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Darkened Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Florid Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Indigo Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Pulsating Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Radiant Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Vibrating Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Warm Fragment of Shadow
   Revenant Bone Belt
   Rhag'Nazza's Blood Veil
   Rhag'Voreth's Reinforcement
   Rhag'Voreth's Ritual Dagger
   Righteous Fury
   Ring of Righteousness
   Ring of Symphonies
   Ring of the Ancient Spectres
   Riveted Seru Knight's Cloak
   rotting shissar flesh
   Sambata Robe of the Deathless
   Sambata Spiritstone
   Sammy's Counter Knocker Offer
   Sanctum Barding Recipes
   Sanctum Breeching Recipes
   Sanctum Hackamore Recipes
   Sanctum Spiritstone
   Sanctum's Savior
   Sathirian Invader's Shield
   Sathirian Lord's Ring
   Searing Shot X (Grandmaster)
   Sensate Spear
   Seru's Eternity Earring
   Shadow Coil IX (Adept)
   Shadow Overlord's Depraved Sash
   Shadow's Vengeance
   Shadowed Leggings of Luclin
   Shadowed Oasis Chestgaurd
   Shadowed Oasis Chestguard
   Shadowed Oasis Tunic
   Shadowgate Keeper's Necklace
   Shadowkeeper's Necklace
   Sharpened Gold Medallions
   Shield of Faith VIII (Adept)
   Shissar Flesh Cap
   shissar love note
   Shissar Mystic's Ceremonial Necklace
   Shissar Shadow Gem
   Shroud of Bertoxxulous IX (Adept)
   Silver Shiv
   Sinister Countenance IX (Master)
   Skirkoloc, the Enslaved
   Snaring Shot VII (Adept)
   Snipe X (Adept)
   Sniper Shot VI (Master)
   Sokokar Bomb Dud
   Songster's Luck X (Grandmaster)
   Soprano's Earring
   Spire Lord's Ire
   Ssraeshza Vault Breaker
   Ssraeshzian Auric Dazzler's Hauberk
   Ssraeshzian Auric Interceder's Coif
   Ssraeshzian Auric Interceder's Gauntlets
   Ssraeshzian Auric Menasor's Hauberk
   Ssraeshzian Bolt-Action Enforcer
   Ssraeshzian Fringed Interceder's Gloves
   Ssraeshzian Gilded Dazzler's Barbute
   Ssraeshzian Gilded Menasor's Gauntlets
   Ssraeshzian Gilded Menasor's Pauldrons
   Ssraeshzian Gilded Menasor's Vambraces
   Ssraeshzian Snake Skin Scarf
   Stones of The Grey
   Storming Tempest VI (Adept)
   Sun-Drenched Gloves
   Supernus Breastplate of Enlightenment
   Supernus Breastplate of Evasion
   Supernus Breastplate of the Deathless
   Supernus Cuirass of Enlightenment
   Supernus Cuirass of the Deathless
   Supernus Gi of Evasion
   Supernus Gi of the Deathless
   Supernus Greaves of Destruction
   Supernus Robe of Enlightenment
   Supernus Robe of the Deathless
   Surge of Ro VIII (Master)
   Sword of Native Calling
   Symbol of Sra'Veraz
   Symbol of the Sambata Elder
   Tempest XI (Adept)
   Temporal Stars
   Temporal Traveler's Gauge
   The Finale
   The Fire Within - Page 2
   The Fire Within - Page 4
   The Fire Within - Page 5
   The Lady's War Glaive
   The Long March
   Tiger Raptor Claws
   Torpor VI (Adept)
   Torture X (Adept)
   Triskian's Sands of Time
   Typhenon's Broken Promise
   Umbrageous Aura
   Undergrowth VI (Adept)
   Unhilynd's Blood-Drenched Bangle
   Unleashed Bracers of the Deathless
   Unleashed Chain Bracers of the Deathless
   Unleashed Gi of Evasion
   Unleashed Gloves of Destruction
   Unleashed Leather Gauntlets of Destruction
   Unleashed Robe of Enlightenment
   Unleashed Tunic of Enlightenment
   Unleashed Vanguard Pauldrons of the Deathless
   Unleashed Vanguard Vambrace of the Deathless
   Vampirism V (Adept)
   Vault Blocker
   Vehement Skin VIII (Adept)
   Veilwalker's Transmutation Stone
   Veilwalker's Transmutation Stone
   Vengeance VIII (Adept)
   Vengeance VIII (Master)
   Venomous Emerald Ring
   Vezarra's Amethyst Earring
   Viper's Tongue
   Virtue IX (Adept)
   Virtuous Shortbow
   Voidpiercer's Adornments Volume I
   Voidpiercer's Adornments Volume II
   Voidpiercer's Adornments Volume IV
   Voidpiercer's Adornments Volume IX
   Voidpiercer's Adornments Volume VI
   Voidpiercer's Adornments Volume VII
   Volatile Spores
   Vyzh'dra's Bite
   Vyzh'dra's Diary
   Vyzh'dra's Ring of Shade
   Wand Infinite Darkness
   Wayward Cutter
   Wayward Wand
   Wizard Flurggledim

Item submitted by hallann on 2019-12-22 18:50:05

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