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\aITEM -1959789670 -280424080:Advanced Jeweler Volume 102\/a

Dropped by
a clockwork scanner (Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Heroic])
diamondwing volaserpent (Plane of Magic)
savage plumewit (Plane of Magic)
shadowed stelecat (Plane of Magic)

Confirmed Location
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   a shard of pure malady
   a shard of sheer innovation
   a thorned twarkian rose
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 102
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   Advanced Jeweler Volume 101
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   Advanced Provisioner Volume 110
   Advanced Sage Volume 101
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   Advanced Sage Volume 104
   Advanced Sage Volume 106
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   Advanced Tailor Volume 104
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   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 101
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   Advanced Woodworker Volume 102
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 105
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 106
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 108
   Antique clockwork key
   Augur's Cuffs
   Augury Bangle of Presage
   Augury Bracelet of Presage
   Awe-Stitched Leather Belt
   bag of gypsum
   Ceffyl Stallion Hoof
   Chain of Hope
   Cloak of the Weary Traveler
   cockatrice beak
   cockatrice meat
   cockatrice talon
   Divine Barrier
   Drape of Boding Honor
   Earhoop of Yrzu Dignity
   Everburning Arcane Candle
   flask of deep water
   Fragment of Power
   gnawed bone
   Golden Chain of Ancient Awe
   Keeper's Cord of Portent
   Luclinite Amulet
   Luclinite Scrying Stone
   Planar Fragment of Fire
   Planar Fragment of Pure Magic
   Planar Fragment of Storms
   Planar Fragment of Water
   Planar Fragment of Wind
   Ring of Three
   Rubicite Amulet
   Rubicite Insignia Ring
   Rubicite Relic
   Rubicite Scrying Stone
   Sandstone Ring
   Shortbow of Storms
   Silver Wristband of Awe
   Skull Head Ring of Vallation
   Solid Bangle of the Forerunner
   Solid Bracelet of Boding
   Temwiddle crimped cog
   The Radiant Sun
   Tormented Construct's Shackle
   Torque of Timeless Torment
   Wayward Soul

Item submitted by hallann on 2017-12-07 07:02:10

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