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\aITEM -779924558 -2056934620:An Arcane Key\/a

Dropped by
? (Nu'roga)
a crumbling Tuk supplier (The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen)
a deep cave fish (Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella)
a Drakkel bedbug (Iceshard Keep)
a forlorn lab worker (Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs)
a frozen thought (Miragul's Phylactery: Scion of Ice)
a gargantuan graveyard stinkbug (Spirit's Resonance)
a hidden tome (Miragul's Phylactery: The Crucible)
a lost plunderer (The Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors)
a lurking frost spider (Hold of Rime: The Ascent)
a moldy tome (Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors)
a pernicious technomagician (Erudin Research Halls)
a phantasmal drunkard (Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken)
a Possessed Tome (Mistmyr Manor)
a risen corpse (The Hedge Hollow)
a sneaky goblin (Najena's Hollow Tower)
a Spurned alumnus (The Deep Forge)
a thieving jesterling (Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted)
a tiny bit of leftover goo (Befallen: Necrotic Asylum)
a tiny kybur (Forgotten Pools)
a waterlogged crusher (The Outer Vault)
a Ykeshan Quartermaster (The Ruins of Guk: Ykesha's Outer Stronghold)
an acolyte of the Whisperer (Veksar: The Sunken Theater)
an ancient enchanted tome (Library of Erudin)
an Awakened Musician (Tower of Frozen Shadow: Haunt of Syl'Tor)
an enraged Libant weard (Evernight Abbey)
Auliffe Chaoswind (Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Solo])
Gaukr Sandstorm (Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Heroic])
Gaukr Sandstorm (Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Solo])
Head Archivist R'Jhere (Ravenscale Repository)
Torstien Stoneskin (Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change [Solo])
Ynosii's weakened soul (Anchor of Bazzul)
Yveti Stormbrood (Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change [Solo])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   a corrupted zombie brain
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Flurry of Blades II (Adept)
   Kunzite Amulet
   Titanium Relic
   Gummy Worms
   a geonid crystal fragment
   a lost action figure
   a vampiric incisor
   Advanced Adornments Volume 9
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 107
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 108
   Advanced Tailor Volume 84
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 89
   beetle carapace
   bookminion binding
   Evade VII (Adept)

Item submitted by Adaefia on 2014-04-04 20:10:40

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