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\aITEM -935573315 1132073346:Chimera Feathered Shackle\/a

Dropped by
a hatemonger (Shard of Hate)
a Void ravager (Obelisk of Ahkzul)
a Void tyrant (Obelisk of Ahkzul)
Bbal'Gaz the Enthraller (Chelsith)
Harbinger Freglor (The Crypt of Agony)
Krel'Vhap the Defeater (Chelsith)
Leviathor'Consuma (Chelsith)
Proto-Ravager (Obelisk of Ahkzul)
Wildhorn the Rampager (Chardok)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Ancient Shroud VII (Master)
   Blinking Crystal of Void Energy
   Disarming Grin V (Master)
   Holy Salvation IV (Master)
   Nature's Elixir VII (Master)
   Netherous Bind VI (Master)
   Premonition VI (Master)
   Rob VII (Master)
   Transcendence VI (Master)
   Apocalyptic Seaside Sandals
   Beastial Fang Necklace
   Blistered Strand Gloves
   Colcatoth, Spine of the Leviathan
   Gloves of Impetuous Strikes
   Glowing Void Blade
   Lost Armguards of the High Priest of Ssraeshza
   Proto-Force Gauntlets
   Pufferfish Pantaloons of Pummeling
   Ravager Hide Armguards
   Ring of Ravaging Roars
   Runed Leviathan Carapace
   Sleeves of the Deepest Depths
   Sylvan Moon Gloves
   Wildhorn Belt
   Will-bender of Drudhi-kha
   Witchdoctor's Hexguard
   a nightblood darkened blood
   a nightblood hoof
   a nightblood inferno eye
   a nightblood shackle
   Apophelli Wax Sealed Document
   Charging Tiger VI (Adept)
   Daring Advance VI (Adept)
   Deklium Relic
   Devour Vitae V (Adept)
   Disarming Grin V (Adept)
   Divine Strike VII (Adept)
   Doppelganger (Adept)
   Eviscerate VI (Adept)
   Fanaticism III (Adept)
   Flash of Steel VII (Adept)
   Flurry of Blades V (Adept)
   Holy Salvation IV (Adept)
   Hostage V (Adept)
   Ice Comet III (Adept)
   Kunzite Amulet
   Kunzite Scrying Stone
   Luda's Nefarious Wail VII (Adept)
   Necrotic Reconstruction VII (Adept)
   Sacred Armor VI (Adept)
   Savage Assault III (Adept)
   Sever VI (Adept)
   Shout VI (Adept)
   Stunning Roar IV (Adept)
   Wail of the Banshee III (Adept)
   Yha-lei Eye
   Yha-lei Skin
   Yha-lei Tooth
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 77
   abraded stomach stone
   Advanced Armorer Volume 80
   Advanced Armorer Volume 81
   Advanced Armorer Volume 82
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 81
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 81
   Advanced Sage Volume 81
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 80
   Aggressive Defense VII (Adept)
   bejeweled miniature dagger
   Bishop's Faithbringer Plate Cuirass
   Chimera Feathered Armband
   Chimera Feathered Bangle
   Chimera Feathered Wristlet
   Conqueror's Sigil Etched Breastplate
   Crystal Blast IX (Adept)
   Flames of Velious IV (Adept)
   Focus of Secret Doors
   Frontier Monk's Pouch of Destruction
   Jagged Ritual Blade
   Loop of Warring Minds
   Luminary's Jaundiced Bone Spaulders
   Moderate Essence of Electricity
   Moderate Essence of Nature
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Moderate Essence of Shadow
   Plainstrider's Ivy Etched Shoulder Pads
   Plainstrider's Ivy Etched Tunic
   polished lapis lazuli orb
   Rejuvenation IX (Adept)
   Savant's Phantasmic Silk Robe
   Searing Shot VII (Master)
   Silence VI (Adept)
   Soldier's Badge of Defense
   Spinechiller Blood X (Adept)
   Spirit of the Bat IV (Adept)
   stonehide leather pelt
   Sundered Medallion
   Sundered Pendant
   Ultera's Band of Restoring
   Ultraviolet Beam IX (Adept)
   Vanguard's Black Wolf Chain Spaulders
   Vengeance V (Master)
   Waking Dragon VII (Adept)

Item submitted by maximusknight on 2014-04-08 04:47:20

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