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\aITEM -938399578 1282650018:Carbon Scored Gauntlets\/a

Dropped by
a Char'Gin watcher (The Pillars of Flame)
Admiral Marcus (The Pillars of Flame)
Master Windul (The Pillars of Flame)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Shield Bash V (Master)
   Charging Tiger IV (Adept)
   Impale IV (Adept)
   Indicolite Relic
   Lightning Fists IV (Adept)
   Moonstone Amulet
   Moonstone Scrying Stone
   Paralyzing Strike III (Adept)
   small meaty bone
   Star Sapphire Amulet
   Star Sapphire Scrying Stone
   Tap Essence III (Adept)
   Vision of Madness (Adept)
   Waking Dragon V (Adept)
   Windul's Heavy Wristguards
   Xegonite Relic
   Advanced Adornments Volume 6
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 55
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 57
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 58
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 59
   Advanced Armorer Volume 57
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 55
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 57
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 59
   Advanced Tailor Volume 59
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 58
   Ancient Teachings of: Divine Arbitration
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Close Mind
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Divine Favor
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Tower of Stone
   Ancient Teachings of: Fervent Faith
   Ancient Teachings of: Forced Cannibalize
   Ancient Teachings of: Netherealm
   Ancient Teachings of: Numbing Cold
   Ancient Teachings of: Rune of Amazing Reflexes
   Ancient Teachings of: Rune of Apply Poison
   Ancient Teachings of: Rune of Dispatch
   Blocker of Flame Sight
   blood flower
   Bo Staff of Cool Serenity
   brightly glowing tome
   Chipped War Hammer of Flames
   Defiant Highwayman's Vambraces of the Bloodsinger
   Ethereal Krakens' Harpoon
   eye of vul
   flask of enchanted water
   flask of pure water
   Gallant Myrmidon's Bracers of the Weaponmaster
   Grim Wanderer's Blade
   Hallowed Shield of the Blade Catcher
   Idol of Inspired Blaze
   old tinkered clock
   Resplendent Clairvoyant's Cuffs of the Archcaster
   small bag of ammonium nitrate
   small bag of compost
   vial of wind

Item submitted by Xietsu on 2009-03-03 05:05:02

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