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\aITEM -947392942 -741240653:goblin battle harness\/a

Dropped by
a Barrens bandit (Obulus Frontier)
a clockwork crawler (Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Heroic])
a crypt stalker (Crypt of Dalnir: Baron's Workshop [Solo])
a defensive projection (Arcanna'se Spire: Repository of Secrets [Solo])
a fallen crusader (The Ruins of Cabilis [Solo])
a greater knight skeleton (Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants [Solo])
a greater plaguebone skeleton (Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants [Solo])
a greater warbone skeleton (Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants [Solo])
a kromdul forest giant (Obulus Frontier)
a magma elemental (Obulus Frontier)
a pure waterform (Plane of Magic)
a risen crypt walker (Crypt of Dalnir: Baron's Workshop [Solo])
a skeletal bandit (Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold [Solo])
a skeletal warder (Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold [Solo])
a skittering recluse (The Ruins of Cabilis [Solo])
a Warslik's mountain giant (Obulus Frontier)
an iksar abductor (Obulus Frontier)
General Janosz (Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold [Solo])
Protector of Arcanna'se (Arcanna'se Spire: Repository of Secrets [Solo])
Protector of Flame (Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Heroic])
Protector of Flame (Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Solo])
Protector of Magic (Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Heroic])
Protector of Malady (Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Solo])
Protector of Passion (Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Solo])
Protector of the Ancients (Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Heroic])
Protector of the Ancients (Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Solo])
Protector of the Land (Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Solo])
The Arcane Amalgam (Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Chamber [Solo])
The Kly (Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Chamber [Solo])
The Meld of Vapor (Lost City of Torsis: The Shrouded Temple [Advanced Solo])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Divine Smite III (Adept)
   a planar elemental summoned core
   a shard of pure malady
   a shard of sheer innovation
   a stone setting
   a thorned twarkian rose
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 105
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 107
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 108
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 110
   Advanced Armorer Volume 107
   Advanced Armorer Volume 110
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 101
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 107
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 101
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 105
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 107
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 108
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 109
   Advanced Provisioner Volume 110
   Advanced Sage Volume 102
   Advanced Sage Volume 106
   Advanced Sage Volume 107
   Advanced Sage Volume 108
   Advanced Sage Volume 110
   Advanced Tailor Volume 107
   Advanced Tailor Volume 108
   Advanced Tailor Volume 109
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 106
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 107
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 108
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 102
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 107
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 108
   Ancient Kromdul Ring
   Antique clockwork key
   Arcannium Wax Sealed Document
   bag of gypsum
   Black Jade Waistguard
   blinding gaseous shimmer
   Blood Ritual Coat
   Blood Ritual Tunic
   Bond of Blood
   Bracelet of False Realities
   Bracelet of the Dark Arts
   Breaker of Chains
   Buckler of Undeath
   Carved Kromdul Coin
   Chain Shoulders of the Xalgozian Army
   charred spider abdomen
   chin shield scale
   chipping bone dust
   Cincture of Iniquity
   Cloak of the Weary Traveler
   Coif of Xalgozian Armies
   Crypt Lord's Ritual Cuirass
   Crypt Lord's Ritual Greaves
   Crypt Lord's Ritual Legwraps
   Crypt Lord's Ritual Sash
   Damaged Stone of Glarsh
   Damaged Stone of Glox
   Damaged Stone of Lachina
   Damaged Stone of Qlark
   Damaged Stone of Vihgoh
   Damaged Stone of Warslik
   Earring of Toxicity
   Energetic Vials
   Essence of Resolve
   flametorn shadowed cloak
   flask of deep water
   giant dusty eyelash
   Glittervein Relic
   gnawed bone
   Goblin Bone Bracelet
   Heavy Cloth Boots of Kaesora
   Heavy Painted Bangle
   Illegible Scroll: Binding of Stone (Expert)
   Ionic Hammered Band
   Janosz's Chain of Shadowed Whispers
   Janosz's Painted Belt
   Kromdul Axe Blade
   Lich's Chains
   Luclinite Amulet
   Luclinite Scrying Stone
   Lumicite Amulet
   Lumicite Scrying Stone
   Mana-Infused Ring
   Mark of General Janosz
   Mark of Xalgozian Command
   Necklace of Arcane Brilliance
   Orb of Glowing Power
   Planar Fragment of Pure Magic
   Planar Fragment of Water
   Planar Harvest
   Poison-Lined Sash
   Reaver Commander's Drape
   Reaverguard Helm
   Rift Breaker
   Ring of Three
   Ring of Toxicity
   Royal Titan
   Rubicite Amulet
   Rubicite Insignia Ring
   Rubicite Relic
   Rubicite Scrying Stone
   Sandstone Ring
   Sarnak-Skin Breeches
   Shortbow of Storms
   Silver Dusted Jade Ring
   singed bronze vambraces
   Skyfire Standard Ability Mod Infuser
   Skyfire Standard Crit Bonus Infuser
   Skyfire Standard Potency Infuser
   Skyfire Standard Stamina Infuser
   Solidified Mist Earrings
   sparkly ember of fire
   Sphere of Control
   Staff of Persuasion
   strand of eternal illusion
   Temwiddle crimped cog
   The Final Word
   The Kly's Everliving Wristlet
   The Kly's Focus Rings
   The Kly's Masterful Chainmail Legguards
   The Kly's Masterful Cloth Pantaloons
   The Kly's Masterful Platemail Greaves
   The Kly's Masterful Platemail Legplates
   The Kly's Ritual Mace
   The Vaporizer
   Tormented Construct's Shackle
   Trophy: The Kly
   Twisted Druid Thorns
   uneven golem stone eye
   Vaporous Chain Helm
   Vaporous Chain Shoulders
   Vaporous Leather Cap

Item submitted by hallann on 2016-12-03 10:14:52

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