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\aITEM -987432678 -1323435933:Crystallized Stoneshard\/a

Dropped by
a chamber protector (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
a pale slitherer (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
a vile Jun'Rah destroyer (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
Accursed Custodian (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
Adherent Custodian (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
an aerakyn arch-dragoon (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
an aerakyn brazenblade (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
an aerakyn necromagus (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
an Awakened strafewing (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
an insidious Jun'Rah blaster (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
Andreis the Culler (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Controller Ervin (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Derig Cinderaxe (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Jalkhir (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Jardin the Conqueror (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Kelana the Frostwing (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Keplin (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Klandicar (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Legionnaire Heirm (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
Matri Marn (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
Merig (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Sister Denani (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
Sontalak (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
Subsistent Custodian (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
Tavekalem (Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid])
The Crumbling Emperor (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])
The Protector of Stone (Accursed Sanctum [Raid])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Demonstration of Faith VII (Master)
   a golem animating force
   a golem corporeal shell
   a golem motive prism
   a golem obedience chain
   a golem sentience leash
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Titanium Relic
   Nutty Chocolate Bar
   a battle-worn horn of the Awakened aerakyn
   a scaled skin sample of the Awakened aerakyn
   a vial of ethereal dragon blood
   Abhorrent Seal V (Master)
   Absolute Corruption VI (Master)
   Abuse VII (Master)
   Acid IX (Master)
   an Aerakyn doll
   an arcane pouch of the Awakened aerakyn
   an Erudin amulet
   an ethereal dragon scale
   Ancestral Mettle VII (Master)
   Ancient Legionnaires Bangle
   Ancient Plunderer Banisher's Symbol
   Ancient Shroud VIII (Master)
   Ancient Terror V (Master)
   Annihilated Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Arctic Talon VI (Master)
   Aura of Void VI (Master)
   bag of gypsum
   Ball Lightning II (Master)
   Band of Unforeseen Destiny
   Barrage IX (Master)
   Bash VIII (Master)
   Battery and Assault VIII (Master)
   Berserk Rage IX (Master)
   Bloodlust VII (Master)
   Bone Golem (Necromancer)
   Bone Golem (Shadowknight)
   Brambles VII (Master)
   Breeze VII (Master)
   broken sword hilt
   Cacophony of Blades III (Master)
   Casalen's Stud of Power
   Cataclysm VIII (Master)
   Ceremonial Blade VII (Master)
   Chaos Anthem VI (Master)
   Clara's Chaotic Cacophony VI (Master)
   Conjuror's Pact VII (Master)
   Crystallize Soul VI (Master)
   Cunning Defense VII (Master)
   Curse of Void VI (Master)
   Custodian's Carapace
   Custodian's Guard
   Custodian's Runic Wand
   Darkened Ring of Untold Depths
   Death Swarm IX (Master)
   Defile III (Master)
   Demolish V (Master)
   Deteriorate VII (Master)
   Devious Blade VI (Master)
   Disorientation VII (Master)
   Doom Judgment V (Master)
   Double-Cross VIII (Master)
   Dragon Rage VI (Master)
   Earthen Avatar VIII (Master)
   Ego Shock VII (Master)
   Elaborate Ethertouched Belt
   Elaborate Ethertouched Cloak
   Elemental Aspect VIII (Master)
   Emberstrike IX (Master)
   Encase VII (Master)
   Ervin's Third Eye
   Essedara's Withered Claw
   Ethertouched Belt
   Ethertouched Belt
   Ethertouched Breastplate
   Ethertouched Chain Boots
   Ethertouched Chain Bracers
   Ethertouched Chain Bracers
   Ethertouched Chain Gauntlets
   Ethertouched Chain Gauntlets
   Ethertouched Chain Greaves
   Ethertouched Chain Helm
   Ethertouched Chain Helm
   Ethertouched Chain Pauldron
   Ethertouched Chain Shirt
   Ethertouched Cloak
   Ethertouched Cloak
   Ethertouched Cloak
   Ethertouched Cloth Bracers
   Ethertouched Cloth Bracers
   Ethertouched Cloth Gloves
   Ethertouched Cloth Gloves
   Ethertouched Cloth Mantle
   Ethertouched Cloth Pants
   Ethertouched Cloth Shoes
   Ethertouched Cowl
   Ethertouched Cowl
   Ethertouched Leather Boots
   Ethertouched Leather Bracers
   Ethertouched Leather Bracers
   Ethertouched Leather Cap
   Ethertouched Leather Cap
   Ethertouched Leather Gauntlets
   Ethertouched Leather Gauntlets
   Ethertouched Leather Mantle
   Ethertouched Leather Pants
   Ethertouched Leather Tunic
   Ethertouched Plate Boots
   Ethertouched Plate Bracers
   Ethertouched Plate Bracers
   Ethertouched Plate Gauntlets
   Ethertouched Plate Gauntlets
   Ethertouched Plate Greaves
   Ethertouched Plate Helm
   Ethertouched Plate Helm
   Ethertouched Plate Spaulder
   Ethertouched Robe
   Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Eye of Essedara
   Fatal Followup II (Master)
   Favor of the Wild VII (Master)
   Fear VI (Master)
   Fiery Annihilation IX (Master)
   Five Rings VII (Master)
   flask of deep water
   Flurry of Blades VI (Master)
   Fractured Red Gemstone
   Fractured Red Gemstone
   Glimpse of Eternity
   Glowing Ethertouched Belt
   Glowing Ethertouched Cloak
   gnawed bone
   golem core
   golem core
   Gouge VII (Master)
   Grim Harbinger VII (Master)
   Harm Touch VII (Master)
   Harmony VII (Master)
   Hateful Slam VII (Master)
   Hierophantic Genesis IV (Master)
   Holy Armor VIII (Master)
   Holy Salvation V (Master)
   Hoop of Casalen
   Hoop of Flowing Power
   Ice Comet IV (Master)
   Imprecate IX (Master)
   Innoruuk's Caress VIII (Master)
   Insane Hammer of the Custodian
   Iron Will VI (Master)
   Jalkhir's Focus Wand
   Jalkhir's Orb of Power
   Keplin's Earstud
   Keplin's Hardened Earring
   Legionnaires' Earring of Countermoves
   Legionnaires' Earring of the Chronomage
   Legionnaires' Tactical Chain
   Lesser Essence of Acid
   Lesser Essence of Electricity
   Lesser Essence of Ice
   Lesser Essence of Illusion
   Lesser Essence of Nature
   Loaminess Keeper Activator
   long sharp wyvern claw
   Luda's Nefarious Wail VIII (Master)
   Maelstrom IV (Master)
   Malevolent Diatribe VII (Master)
   Mana Cloak V (Master)
   Medallion of Quivering Stone
   Merciless Stomp VII (Master)
   Mock IX (Master)
   Moderate Essence of Acid
   Moderate Essence of Electricity
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Moderate Essence of Illusion
   Moderate Essence of Nature
   Moderate Essence of Pestilence
   Moderate Essence of Radiance
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Moderate Essence of Shadow
   Mutilate VII (Master)
   Mystical Purple Gemstone
   Noxious Efflux VII (Master)
   Oration of Sacrifice III (Master)
   Painful Lamentations VII (Master)
   Peaceful Link VI (Master)
   Pearl Ring of Death
   Peerless Predator VI (Master)
   Personae Reflection IX (Master)
   Porcupine IV (Master)
   Power of Mind VIII (Master)
   Puncture IX (Master)
   Pure Awe VI (Master)
   Purple Gemstone Pouch
   Quick Strike IX (Master)
   Rage of the Tempest
   Redemption V (Master)
   Regalia V (Master)
   Regenerating Spores VI (Master)
   Rending V (Master)
   Renewed Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Ring of Tactical Superiority
   Ring of Untold Wrath
   Ring of Uplifted Swings
   Ro's Blade VII (Master)
   Rock Skin V (Master)
   Rugged Ethertouched Belt
   Rugged Ethertouched Cloak
   Rune: Crit Bonus
   Rune: Damage Per Second
   Rune: Doublecast
   Rune: Fighter's Potency
   Rune: Flurry
   Rune: Potency
   Rune: Power
   runic book
   Runic Ethertouched Belt
   Runic Ethertouched Cloak
   Runic Ring of Stone
   Rush XI (Master)
   Sandstorm V (Master)
   Savage Ruin VII (Master)
   Scale of Sontalak
   Shadow Bind IX (Master)
   Shadow Coil VI (Master)
   Shank VI (Master)
   Shard of Cornering
   Shattered Ruby of Pysllon'Ris
   Shift Mana VII (Master)
   Shining Red Gemstone
   Shissarian Gem Adorned Band
   Shroud of Armor VIII (Master)
   Shroud of Bertoxxulous VI (Master)
   Signet of Intellect VII (Master)
   Silent Threat IX (Master)
   Simple Minds VII (Master)
   Siphon Strike VII (Master)
   Sling of the Accursed
   Smite Corruption V (Master)
   Smoldering Fists VIII (Master)
   Song of Magic VIII (Master)
   Sontalak's Claws
   Sontalak's Unstable Horn
   Spinechiller Blood X (Master)
   Stalwart Wedding Band
   Stoneshard Recipe: Essence of Duality
   Stoneshard Recipe: Eye of Draazak
   Stoneshard Recipe: Trakanon's Heart of Stone
   Stormblown Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Stout Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Stream of Arrows IV (Master)
   Stunning Roar VI (Master)
   Sublime Prismatic Adornment Dislodger
   Tap Essence VI (Master)
   The Dust from an Ancient Shissar Statue
   The Skull of an Ancient Legionnaire
   Thorncoat VIII (Master)
   Torment VIII (Master)
   Tranquil Spirit
   Tranquility III (Master)
   Trick Shot VI (Master)
   Trophy: Klandicar's Head
   Trophy: The Crumbling Emperor
   Undergrowth V (Master)
   Undying Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Unsurrendering Band
   Velium Winds IX (Master)
   void-soaked flower
   Wild Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Windtorn Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Word of Redemption VII (Master)
   Wrath of the Ancients VI (Master)
   Wrath Stance VIII (Master)

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