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\aITEM 16763521 611577543:Sniper Shot VI (Adept)\/a

Dropped by
Eegut Stonegut (Fordel Midst: Wayward Manor [Solo])
Goretilla (Shadeweaver's Thicket: Untamed Lands [Solo])
Ryryrd of the Wind (Aurelian Coast: Sambata Village [Solo])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   a cheetah pelt
   a galorian totem
   a shadeweaver horn
   a shadeweaver liver
   Advanced Tailor Studies 13
   Advanced Tailor Studies 20
   Advanced Weaponsmith Studies 12
   Auric Interceder's Greaves
   Balanzite Relic
   Berserk Rage XI (Adept)
   Chaos Anthem VIII (Adept)
   Claw of Goretilla
   Disheartening Descant IX (Adept)
   Earring of the Displaced
   Eegut's Tribal Band
   Empyral Grandmaster Recipes Volume I
   Empyral Rune: Adamant Defiance
   Empyral Rune: Blinding Gleam
   Empyral Rune: Firmament of Fire
   Empyral Rune: Firmament of Growth
   Empyral Rune: Foundation of Thought
   Empyral Standard Crit Bonus Infuser
   Empyral Standard Potency Infuser
   Fringed Menasor's Boots
   galorian love note
   Galorian Nomad's Sash
   Galorian Wanderer's Cloak
   Goretilla's Jaw
   Goretilla's skull
   Goretilla's skull
   Goretilla's Tusks
   Highland Silkweaver's Sash
   Illegible Scroll Page: Elemental Amalgamation (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Glacial Freeze (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Granite Protector (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Revocation of Life (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Siphoned Fervor (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Thermal Depletion (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Domain of Earth (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Pact of the Fire Tyrant (Adept)
   Jael's Mysterious Mettle IX (Master)
   Knight's Stance X (Adept)
   Lucid Shard of Dawn
   Luclizite Amulet
   Luclizite Relic
   Muck Digger Pincer
   Pattern: Shadowscream Accolade of Alacrity
   Pattern: Shadowscream Chain Helm of Frenzy
   Pattern: Shadowscream Chain Pauldrons of Frenzy
   Pattern: Shadowscream Cloth Mantle of Fortitude
   Pattern: Shadowscream Dagger of Force
   Pattern: Shadowscream Dagger of Frenzy
   Pattern: Shadowscream Katar of Fortitude
   Pattern: Shadowscream Leather Boots of Force
   Pattern: Shadowscream Leather Boots of Fortitude
   Pattern: Shadowscream Leather Gloves of Fortitude
   Pattern: Shadowscream Leather Tunic of Fortitude
   Pattern: Shadowscream Robe of Force
   Pattern: Shadowscream Robe of Fortitude
   Pattern: Shadowscream Sabatons of Force
   Peel V (Adept)
   Pristine Shadeweaver Carapace
   Python Chain Boots of the Deathless
   Ro's Blade X (Adept)
   Ryryrd's Bangle of the Winds
   Ryryrd's Blade
   Sambata Ax of Chopping
   Sambata Hammer of Pounding
   Shadeweaver Fang-Tipped Spear
   Shadeweaver Hunter's Spear
   Shadewoven Forest Cloak
   Shadowscream Reins Recipes
   Silkweave Choker
   Slurred Insult XI (Adept)
   Solar Flare XII (Master)
   Soul Cannibalize VI (Adept)
   Soulbound Crossbow
   Stone-Carved Buckler
   Totemic Sambata Charm
   Totemic Sambata Hammer
   Totemic Sambata Idol
   Totemic Sambata Torque
   Veilwalker's Transmutation Stone

Item submitted by hallann on 2020-07-07 18:07:59

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