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\aITEM 2129650284 265931188:Howl of Death V (Master)\/a

Dropped by
Byzola (Shard of Hate)
Druushk (Veeshan's Peak)
Khost Alur (Ward of Elements)
Mucus of the Deep One (Chelsith)
Xygoz (Veeshan's Peak)

Confirmed Location
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Blackened Band of Devastation
   Blackened Bracers Pattern
   Cauterized Bracers Pattern
   Charred Boots Pattern
   Charred Bracers Pattern
   Cloak of Solidified Hate
   Cord of Innoruuk's Favored
   Coverage (Master)
   Crimson Helm of Horror
   Crystallized Phospherous
   Dragons Eye
   Draped Cape of Hate
   Dreamer's Scale
   Dreamslayer Slacks
   Dreamweave Ringmail Leggings
   Elemental Champion's Helm Mold
   Elemental Collar of Binding
   Elemental Conqueror's Helm Mold
   Elemental Gladiator's Helm Mold
   Elemental Master's Hood Mold
   Elemental Vanquisher's Helm Mold
   Feral Tenacity IV (Master)
   Gi of Swirling Lava
   Holy Salvation IV (Master)
   Ill Will
   Incinerated Bracers Pattern
   Inferno Pearl
   Inquisition (Master)
   Iron Will V (Master)
   Knight's Stance VI (Master)
   Lava Ruby
   Living Ember
   Magma Diamond
   Malign Mantle
   Manual of Malady
   Mutilate VI (Master)
   Nature's Renewal IV (Master)
   Ordained Altar of Brell Serilis
   Ordained Altar of Karana
   Ordained Altar of Solusek Ro
   Ordained Altar of the Tribunal
   Peel (Master)
   Pyre Sapphire
   Quarrelsome Pants
   Ragged Felt Cloak
   Redemption IV (Master)
   Repent (Master)
   Ring of Repulsion
   Sapphire Gemmed Necklace
   Sash of Pain
   Scorched Boots Pattern
   Singed Bracers Pattern
   Staff of Elemental Mastery
   Stealth Assault V (Master)
   Thieves Guild (Master)
   Untamed Regeneration VI (Master)
   Vampirism (Master)
   Veiled Striker's Circlet
   Vicious Axe of Nynok
   Wheel of Nightmares
   Word of Redemption VI (Master)
   Aquamarine Scale Earring
   Armguards of the Elite Yha-lei Shock Troops
   Blistered Strand Pantaloons
   Defender of the Deep One
   Divine Rhapsody Legplates
   Elemental Idol of Disease
   Elemental Idol of Flame
   Elemental Idol of Marr
   Elemental Idol of Poison
   Elemental Idol of Storms
   Greaves of Sanctification
   Holy Halo of the Creator
   Leggings of Impetuous Strikes
   Quarrelsome Pants
   Chromatic Essence
   Communion (Adept)
   Devour Vitae V (Adept)
   Essence of the Great Bear V (Adept)
   Fanaticism III (Adept)
   Gouge V (Adept)
   Iron Will V (Adept)
   Lunar Attendant III (Adept)
   Miragul's Dark Heart Summoning (Adept)
   Necromantic Pact VI (Adept)
   Necrotic Reconstruction VII (Adept)
   Premonition VI (Adept)
   Redemption IV (Adept)
   Repent (Adept)
   Tease V (Adept)
   Unholy Strength V (Adept)
   Void Contract VI (Adept)
   Advanced Armorer Volume 78
   Advanced Sage Volume 79
   Advanced Tailor Volume 79
   a globe of water
   a mucus encrusted tendril
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 85
   an accumulation of plasma
   Aquamarine Scale Earring
   Armguards of the Elite Yha-lei Shock Troops
   Blistered Strand Pantaloons
   Claw of Khalen
   Crystallized Shard of Hate
   Dreamweave Ringmail Leggings
   Encrusted Essence of Water
   Genie (Assassin)
   Genie (Coercer)
   Genie (Conjuror)
   Genie (Defiler)
   Genie (Inquisitor)
   Genie (Warlock)
   Genie (Wizard)
   Gi of the Molten Shore
   Holy Halo of the Creator
   Lesser Essence of Electricity
   Nightmare Wraps
   Rupture VI (Adept)
   Void Shard

Item submitted by Yhvh on 2014-04-03 00:09:18

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