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\aITEM 780866613 1392424222:Rubicite Amulet\/a

Dropped by
a bubonian infector (Plane of Disease: Outbreak [Solo])
a clockwork crawler (Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Solo])
a clockwork crawler (Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous [Solo])
a Clockwork MPRR IV (Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Solo])
a clockwork scanner (Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Solo])
a clockwork scrapper (Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous [Solo])
a clockwork sentinel (Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Solo])
a clockwork sentinel (Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous [Heroic])
a clockwork sentinel (Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous [Solo])
a flame-branded steed (Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo])
a hateful pair of gauntlets (Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Solo])
a mass of living obsidian (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Heroic])
a mass of living obsidian (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo])
a pox incarnate (Plane of Disease: The Source [Solo])
a pusling leaker (Plane of Disease: Outbreak [Solo])
a pusling leper (Plane of Disease: The Source [Solo])
a pusling memnoc (Plane of Disease: Outbreak [Solo])
a radiant guardian (Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo])
a royal guard of Ro (Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo])
a scorched fiend (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Heroic])
a scorched fiend (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo])
a sentry of Ro (Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo])
a shard protector (Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo])
a spare parts dismantler (Plane of Innovation: Parts not Included [Event Heroic])
a vilehoof festrus (Plane of Disease: The Source [Solo])
a vilehorn festrus (Plane of Disease: The Source [Solo])
an efreeti baron of flames (Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo])
an efreeti fire lord (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo])
an efreeti sun lord (Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo])
construct of flames (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Heroic])
construct of flames (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo])
fishing stonestalker (Plane of Magic)
Galremos (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Heroic])
Galremos (Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo])
Gryme (Plane of Disease: The Source [Solo])
ignus remnant (Plane of Magic)
massive mudglop (Vegarlson: Council's Stronghold [Solo])
perching shadowed stelecat (Plane of Magic)
plains ceffyl (Plane of Magic)
planar fire elemental (Plane of Magic)
plumewit shorestalker (Plane of Magic)
Rideepa the Prideful (The Fabled Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen [Solo])
savage plumewit (Plane of Magic)
shadowed stelecat (Plane of Magic)
So'Valiz (Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo])
stalking stoneripper (Plane of Magic)
Tempestoril (Plane of Magic)
The Malarian Larva (Plane of Disease: Outbreak [Solo])
The Matron of Mists (Eryslai: The Bixel Hive [Solo])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Fortify Elements VI (Master)
   Sleight of Hand (Master)
   Chain Boots of the Prideful
   Prideful Bangle
   Prideful Hoop
   a hateful pair of gauntlets
   A New Day Comes
   a planar elemental essence well
   a planar elemental fascination rune
   a shard of pure malady
   a shard of sheer innovation
   a spare energy cell
   a thorned twarkian rose
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 101
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 102
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 103
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 106
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 107
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 108
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 109
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 110
   Advanced Armorer Volume 102
   Advanced Armorer Volume 103
   Advanced Armorer Volume 104
   Advanced Armorer Volume 105
   Advanced Armorer Volume 106
   Advanced Armorer Volume 107
   Advanced Armorer Volume 108
   Advanced Armorer Volume 109
   Advanced Armorer Volume 110
   Advanced Carpenter Studies 10
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 101
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 103
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 104
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 105
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 106
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 107
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 108
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 109
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 110
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 101
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 102
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 103
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 104
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 105
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 106
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 107
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 108
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 109
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 110
   Advanced Provisioner Volume 110
   Advanced Sage Volume 101
   Advanced Sage Volume 102
   Advanced Sage Volume 104
   Advanced Sage Volume 105
   Advanced Sage Volume 106
   Advanced Sage Volume 107
   Advanced Sage Volume 108
   Advanced Sage Volume 109
   Advanced Sage Volume 110
   Advanced Tailor Volume 101
   Advanced Tailor Volume 102
   Advanced Tailor Volume 103
   Advanced Tailor Volume 105
   Advanced Tailor Volume 106
   Advanced Tailor Volume 107
   Advanced Tailor Volume 108
   Advanced Tailor Volume 109
   Advanced Tailor Volume 110
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 102
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 103
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 104
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 105
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 106
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 107
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 108
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 109
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 110
   Advanced Woodworker Studies 04
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 101
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 105
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 106
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 107
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 108
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 109
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 110
   an efreeti sun lord pendant
   Antique clockwork key
   Auguay Band of Casting
   Augur's Cuffs
   Augury Bracelet of Presage
   Awe-Stitched Leather Belt
   bag of gypsum
   Band of Gusting Winds
   Belt of the Plane's Traveler
   blinding gaseous shimmer
   Blood of Ro
   Bloody Band of Nightmares
   Bracelet from Beyond
   Bracelet of Coalescing Mists
   Bracelet of False Realities
   Brackish Wand
   Breaker of Chains
   Bria's Inspiring Ballad IX (Adept)
   Burning Glyph
   Cacophony of Blades V (Adept)
   Cannibalize Thoughts VII (Adept)
   Carrion Leecher's Cuffs
   Carrion Leecher's Vambraces
   Cataclysm Shroud of Protection
   Ceffyl Stallion Hoof
   Celestial Advanced Crit Bonus Infuser
   Celestial Advanced Potency Infuser
   Celestial Rune: Untapped Potential
   Ceremonial Blade IX (Adept)
   Chain of Hope
   Challenge IX (Adept)
   Channeled Protection VIII (Adept)
   Chaos IX (Adept)
   Choker of Volcanic Ash
   Cincture of Iniquity
   Cloak of Mists
   Cloak of the Obsidian Lord
   Cloak of the Weary Traveler
   Cloak of Timeless Torment
   cockatrice beak
   cockatrice meat
   cockatrice talon
   Converge VIII (Master)
   Decaying Tendril
   Divine Barrier
   Divine Judgment
   Divine Smite X (Adept)
   Earhoop of Yrzu Dignity
   Embodiment of Galremos
   Everburning Arcane Candle
   Everburning Lantern
   Expert Carrion Leecher's Cuffs
   Expert Carrion Leecher's Vambraces
   Expert Leecher's Ring
   Expert Malarian Leecher Pants
   Expert Malarian Leecher's Armwraps
   Expert Rift Breaker
   Fiery Granite
   Fire Mephit Blood
   Firmament of Fire
   Flame Encased Earring
   Flamebranded Earring
   Flash of Brilliance VIII (Adept)
   flask of deep water
   Fossil of Wisdom
   Foundation of Thought
   Fragment of Power
   Gems of the Nether
   glowing ignasium
   gnawed bone
   goblin battle harness
   Golden Chain of Ancient Awe
   Grimy Coif
   Grimy Contaminated Earstud
   Grimy Leather Shoulderpads
   Grimy Pantaloons
   Gryme's Skin-Grafted Robe
   Guiding Boots of Technique
   Heroic Dash IX (Adept)
   Hirudin Extract
   Hirudin Extract
   Ignus Manaflare
   Illegible Scroll Page: Obsidian Mind (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Ethereal Gift (Adept)
   Imprecate X (Adept)
   Ionic Hammered Band
   Kandra Defensive Earstud
   Keeper's Cord of Portent
   Knowledge of Mortality
   Larvae-Skin Robe
   Leecher's Ring
   Luclinite Amulet
   Luclinite Scrying Stone
   Mace of the Matron
   magic mud
   Malarian Leecher Pants
   Malarian Leecher's Armwraps
   Mana Cloak VI (Adept)
   Mana-Infused Ring
   Mercenary: Ringram Starnova
   Mercenary: Serter, Rage of Solusek
   Misty Falls Cloak
   Molten Slag of the Obsidian Lord
   Necklace of Arcane Brilliance
   Obsidian Cut Bracers
   Obsidian Cut Gloves
   Obsidian Gargoyle Fragment
   Obsidian Greatblade
   Obsidian Sun Disc
   Obsidian-Fused Chain Helm
   Obsidian-Fused Leather Gloves
   Perfection of the Maestro V (Adept)
   Planar Adornments
   Planar Advanced Ability Mod Infuser
   Planar Advanced Potency Infuser
   Planar Advanced Stamina Infuser
   Planar Fragment of Earth
   Planar Fragment of Fire
   Planar Fragment of Pure Magic
   Planar Fragment of Storms
   Planar Fragment of Water
   Planar Fragment of Water
   Planar Fragment of Wind
   Planar Harvest
   Planar Shards
   Planar Standard Ability Mod Infuser
   Planar Standard Potency Infuser
   Planar Standard Stamina Infuser
   Premonition IX (Adept)
   pusling love note
   Putrid Wand
   Quick Strike X (Adept)
   Reign of the Twelve Kings
   Rift Breaker
   Rift Slicer
   Ring of Three
   Ring of Wonderment
   Rubicite Insignia Ring
   Rubicite Relic
   Rubicite Scrying Stone
   Rugged Padded Belt
   Rune of Embers
   Rune: Awakened Enlightenment
   Rune: Trained to Battle
   Saltscale Helm Pattern of the Deathless
   Sandstone Ring
   Scorched Scale Pants
   Scorching Glyph
   Shortbow of Storms
   Silver Heart
   Silver Wristband of Awe
   Skull Head Ring of Vallation
   Sleight of Hand IV (Adept)
   Smite Corruption VI (Adept)
   Sneak Attack IX (Adept)
   solidified aurorite
   Solidified Magma
   Soulrot XI (Adept)
   Sparkling Mist Belt
   Sparkling Mist Bracelet
   Stone of Burgeoning Power
   Storied Chain Boots of the Prideful
   Storied Prideful Hoop
   Storied Rideepa's Wristlet
   Stormforged Shroud
   Summoner's Loop
   tectonic fragment
   Tempestoril's Bind Ring
   Tempestorill's Hands of Gusting Winds
   Tempestorills Hands of Gusting Winds
   Temwiddle crimped cog
   The Goddess' Connection
   The Radiant Sun
   Tormented Construct's Shackle
   Torque of Cursed Vengeance
   Twisted Druid Thorns
   Volatile Ring of Flames
   Volcanic Bracelet
   Waistband of Auspice Protection
   Wayward Soul
   Wrap of Celestial Energies
   Wretched Bubonian Necklace
   Wyvern Skin Belt

Item submitted by hallann on 2017-11-29 18:36:16

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