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\aITEM 95206335 -210886079:Gloves of the Arch Magus\/a

Dropped by
Nagini (The Sanctorium)

Confirmed Locations
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Mob that drops this item also drops
   Abandoned Fury IV (Master)
   Caltrops IV (Master)
   Entrance V (Master)
   Fanaticism (Master)
   Fuliginous Whip III (Master)
   Ice Comet (Master)
   Maelstrom (Master)
   Manhandle III (Master)
   Phantasmal Awe III (Master)
   Rampage (Master)
   Ranger's Blade IV (Master)
   Rising Dragon III (Master)
   Torpor (Master)
   Verlien's Keen of Despair IV (Master)
   Abuse IV (Adept)
   Ancient Shroud V (Adept)
   Aria of Magic III (Adept)
   Blasphemy IV (Adept)
   Blazing Avatar (Adept)
   Blessing of the Paladin III (Adept)
   Blighted Horde III (Adept)
   Bruising Spirit III (Adept)
   Caltrops IV (Adept)
   Ceremonial Blade IV (Adept)
   Chaos IV (Adept)
   Chromatic Storm IV (Adept)
   Distortion III (Adept)
   Enrage IV (Adept)
   Ensnare IV (Adept)
   Entrance V (Adept)
   Fire Seed III (Adept)
   Focus Aim III (Adept)
   Gauntlets of the Crypt Fiend
   Glacial Flames III (Adept)
   Hidden Shot III (Adept)
   Holy Aid IV (Adept)
   Hostage III (Adept)
   Ice Storm V (Adept)
   Maelstrom (Adept)
   Manhandle III (Adept)
   Mug IV (Adept)
   Pandemic V (Adept)
   Phantasmal Awe III (Adept)
   Porcupine (Adept)
   Refusal of Atonement II (Adept)
   Ring of Ice II (Adept)
   Rune of Thought IV (Adept)
   Shock Wave (Adept)
   Shout IV (Adept)
   Simple Minds IV (Adept)
   Slam III (Adept)
   Snipe IV (Adept)
   Soul Cannibalize (Adept)
   Storm of Arrows (Adept)
   Thornskin V (Adept)
   Thunderbolt III (Adept)
   Torture IV (Adept)
   Tyrant's Pact IV (Adept)
   Wail of the Banshee (Adept)
   War Cry III (Adept)
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 51
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 53
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 54
   Advanced Armorer Volume 51
   Advanced Armorer Volume 54
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 51
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 51
   Advanced Sage Volume 50
   Advanced Sage Volume 51
   Advanced Sage Volume 54
   Advanced Tailor Volume 50
   Advanced Tailor Volume 51
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 51
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 52
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 51
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 53
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 54
   Ancient Teachings of: Ancestral Balm
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Consecrate
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Death March
   Ancient Teachings of: Rune of Double Up
   Ancient Teachings of: Sanctuary
   Ancient Teachings of: Spellshield
   Ancient Teachings of: Voice of the Ancestors
   Ancient Teachings of: Dark Infestation
   Clara's Chaotic Cacophony III (Adept)
   Dead Calm III (Adept)
   Decree (Adept)

Item submitted by Chalmo on 2009-01-26 04:53:52

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