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The Pillars of Flame

Drop Rates
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Items Dropped
   Arrow Rip III (Master)
   Bewilderment IV (Master)
   Prismatic Chaos III (Master)
   Shield of Faith III (Master)
   Abolishment II (Adept)
   Ament Hide Skullcap
   Arctic Blast IV (Adept)
   Avoid Blame IV (Adept)
   Bodyguard V (Adept)
   Clarion VI (Adept)
   Extract Mana IV (Adept)
   Golden Band of Ament
   Prayer of Healing V (Adept)
   Ring of Fire (Adept)
   Shift Mana IV (Adept)
   Sonic Punch (Adept)
   Spellshield (Adept)
   Stream of Arrows (Adept)
   Tap Essence III (Adept)
   Tranquil Vision IV (Adept)
   Vengeance III (Adept)
   Vision of Madness (Adept)
   Wild Accretion IV (Adept)
   Advanced Armorer Volume 55
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 56
   Advanced Sage Volume 58
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Open Wounds
   Ancient Teachings of: Fervent Faith
   Ancient Teachings of: Hibernation
   Ancient Teachings of: Nature's Pack
   Ancient Teachings of: Ring of Fire
   Ancient Teachings of: Spiritual Circle
   Barb of the Executioner
   Boots of Raptorian Speed
   Cleverly Crafted Doll
   Flowing Instructor's Leg Wraps of Perfection
   Gem of Transformation
   Reverent Rector's Plate Greaves of the Zealous
   velociraptor claw
   velociraptor tooth
   Wand of Copper

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