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Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Heroic]
Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo]

Drop Rates
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Items Dropped
   A New Day Comes
   Accolade of the Plane's Traveler
   Advanced Armorer Volume 110
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 105
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 108
   Advanced Provisioner Volume 110
   Advanced Sage Volume 110
   Advanced Tailor Volume 106
   Awe-Stitched Leather Belt
   Belt of the Plane's Traveler
   Bloody Band of Nightmares
   Bracelet of Cinders
   Cincture of Iniquity
   Everburning Arcane Candle
   Firmament of Growth
   Forgotten Solitude
   Fossil of Wisdom
   Fragment of Power
   Gems of the Nether
   Golden Chain of Ancient Awe
   Greaves of Solitude
   Grotesque Chain Gloves
   Grotesque Chain Leg Guards
   Grotesque Gauntlets
   Grotesque Skullcap
   Knowledge of Mortality
   Mana-Infused Ring
   Necklace of Arcane Brilliance
   Planar Harvest
   Puppetmaster IV (Adept)
   Ring of Wonderment
   Rubicite Relic
   Silver Wristband of Awe
   Stone of Burgeoning Power
   The Radiant Sun
   Tormented Construct's Shackle
   Twisted Druid Thorns

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