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Kaesora: Tomb of the Venerated [Advanced Solo]
Kaesora: Tomb of the Venerated [Event Heroic]

Drop Rates
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Items Dropped
   Accolade of Reverence
   Accolade of Veneration
   bag of gypsum
   Cloak of Skulls new
   Dagger of Mourning
   Earring of Calling
   Familiar Cage
   Fate Striker
   flask of deep water
   Gloves of Deference
   gnawed bone
   Honor of the Fallen
   iksar ghost murky cloud
   Illegible Scroll: Brittle Armor (Journeyman)
   Illegible Scroll: Elemental Avatar (Journeyman)
   Illegible Scroll: Glacial Freeze (Journeyman)
   Illegible Scroll: Levinbolt (Journeyman)
   Illegible Scroll: Thermal Depletion (Journeyman)
   Pillager's Bangle new
   Reverent Helm
   Skyfire Advanced Ability Mod Infuser
   Skyfire Advanced Potency Infuser
   Soul Assassin
   Spectral Reverent Leggings
   Spectral Shards
   Spectral Warlord's Breastplate
   Spectral Warlord's Greaves
   Staff of Reverence
   tattered old wrappings
   Tomb Crusher
   Tome of Blood
   Venerated Acolyte's Leggings
   Will of the Undying
   Wonderous Accolade

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