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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

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Named Mobs
Caelan'Gael, Keeper of Growth, Lachina, Defender of Magics, Protector of Flame, Protector of Magic, Protector of Malady, Protector of Passion, Protector of the Ancients, Protector of the Land, Queshaun, Keeper of Pestilence, Sabellah'Xen Keeper of Fire, Zaida'Rai, Keeper of Passions

Regular Items
   a thorned twarkian rose
   Accolade of Lachina
   Activated Conduit Gem
   bag of gypsum
   Blade of Lachina, Defender of Magics
   Blade of Spirited Destruction
   blinding gaseous shimmer
   Caelan'Gael's Cloth Shoulders of Growth
   Caelan'Gael's Leather Cap of Growth
   Caelan'Gael's Leather Sleeves of Growth
   Caelan'Gael's Plate Gauntlets of Growth
   Caelan'Gael's Satchel of Growth
   Caelan'Gael's Torque of Growth
   Charged Conduit Gem
   Charm of the Defender of Magics
   Damaged Stone of Glox
   Damaged Stone of Lachina
   Damaged Stone of Vihgoh
   Effervescent Conduit Gem
   Element of Arcane Aura
   Element of Driving Passion
   Element of Fantastical Crystal
   Element of Fierce Motivation
   Element of Firey Cremation
   Element of Floral Bounty
   Element of Infectious Spread
   Element of Nourished Favor
   Element of Passing Purge
   Element of Vile Malady
   Energized Conduit Gem
   Familiar Cage
   flask of deep water
   Gleaming Conduit Gem
   gnawed bone
   goblin battle harness
   Hammer of Lachina
   Hoop of Magic Defenders
   Illegible Scroll: Ethereal Conduit (Journeyman)
   Illegible Scroll: Ethermancy (Journeyman)
   Lachina's Forearms of Pain
   Luclinite Amulet
   Luclinite Scrying Stone
   Necklace of Lachina
   Powders of Pure Magic
   Powered Conduit Gem
   Queshaun's Stud of Pestilence
   Queshaun's torque of Pestilent Vapors
   Radiant Conduit Gem
   Resilient Conduit Gem
   Robes of Lachina
   Sabellah'Xen's Cloth Shoulders
   Sabellah'Xen's Staff of Destruction
   Sabellah'Xen's Tempered Band
   Sabellah'Xen's Tempered Forearms
   Skyfire Standard Ability Mod Infuser
   Skyfire Standard Crit Bonus Infuser
   Skyfire Standard Potency Infuser
   Skyfire Standard Stamina Infuser
   Sparking Conduit Gem
   strand of eternal illusion
   Sword of Spirited Destruction
   Vibrant Conduit Gem
   Wand of Lachina, Defender of Magics
   Zaida'Rai's Bow of Passions
   Zaida'Rai's Buckler of Passion
   Zaida'Rai's Chainmail Gauntlets
   Zaida'Rai's Pouch of Rage
   Zaida'Rai's Spear of Desire
   Zaida'Rai's Steel Plate Gauntlets

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