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Varsoon the Undyingan ethereal fiend, an extraplanar aggressor, an extraplanar lurker

Fabled ItemsLegendary ItemsTreasured ItemsRegular Items
   Evade III (Master)
   Jugular Slice II (Master)
   Peerless Predator II (Master)
   Shadow's Weave
   Simple Minds III (Master)
   Flowing Robe of Immortality
   Bloodcoil IV (Adept)
   Dissolve V (Adept)
   Epee of The Hatebringer
   Insidious Whisper IV (Adept)
   Knee Break III (Adept)
   Makeshift Arrows II (Adept)
   malleable loam
   Plant (Adept)
   severed fir
   Shank (Adept)
   small polished bone
   Sombrous Chestguard
   a darkened antenna
   a vial of darkness
   Cutthroat's Fashioned Chain Spaulders
   Facet of Ever Wanting
   Fateseer's Fashioned Spaulders
   flask of pond water
   Lacquered Oak Acolyte's Armlet
   opaline bracelet
   Votary's Fashioned Plate Pauldrons

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