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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Alerica the Flamecaller, Clearshine, Dark Brambleton, Direpaw The Mangler, Echobreath, Ephram Firebrand, Lieutenant Verlaer, Overseer V'thex, Razorfang, Saldis Oro, Sarkha The Ravenous, Searscale, Seneschal Vorilon, Sergeant J'Narus, Stormpaw, Taril V'lenial, The Nightmarsh Nightmare, The Thexian Occultist, Valessha T'Vir, Vilebeak, Zeriliaa Briarstone ancient, a Briarstone initiate, a Briarstone prelate, a Briarstone slayer, a bristly spinner, a darkspark, a docile slitherer, a dusk prowler, a fallen ranger, a ghoulish Nerian, a moldering soldier, a Nerian drake, a Nerian minion, a patchcraft keeper, a purulent defender, a razormaw, a rotbeak, a Sableflame adherent, a Sableflame cauterizer, a Sableflame fanatic, a Sableflame herald, a Sableflame incanter, a Sableflame outrider, a Sableflame scryer, a Sableflame watcher, a Sablevein crumbler, a Sablevein digger, a Sablevein pulverizer, a Sablevein Rockbiter, a scar wurm, a shadowy snarler, a somber screecher, a splintered backstabber, a splintered flamecaller, a stout cadaver, a stygian screecher, a Sullian deacon, a Sullian deceiver, a Sullian protector, a Sullian voidcaller, a T'Rethir battlemaster, a T'Rethir corpsecaller, a T'Rethir mesmerist, a T'Rethir poet, a T'Rethir sapper, a T'Rethir thinblood, a Thexian confessor, a Thexian deathknight, a Thexian reaver, a Thexian voidshaper, a warped wispling, a wellspring cub, a wellspring den mother, a young kodiak, an adolescent snarler, an agitated slitherer, an infected deer, an untamed spirit

Fabled ItemsTreasured ItemsUncommon ItemsRegular Items
   Bob and Weave (Master)
   Sneak Attack (Master)
   a corrupted zombie brain
   a decomposing zombie organ
   a drakota claw
   a drakota eye
   a drakota scale
   a drakota tongue
   a drakota tooth
   a flesh covered zombie bone
   a ghost vile plasm
   a goblin claw
   a goblin ear
   a goblin eye
   a goblin spine
   a goblin tooth
   a necrotic zombie skin
   a piece of rotted zombie flesh
   a skeleton arm
   a skeleton leg
   a skeleton objurgatory hunger
   a skeleton reanimation rune
   a skeleton sorrow core
   Abuse (Adept)
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Armored (Adept)
   Bash II (Adept)
   Bayberry Sealed Document
   Beeswax Sealed Document
   Blackened Iron Relic
   Blooddrinker Buckler
   Blooddrinker Defender
   Blooddrinker Protector
   Blooddrinker Scrystone
   Blooddrinker Shield
   Bloody Robe
   Bonerot Bow
   Bonerot Claymore
   Bonerot Dagger
   Bonerot Hammer
   Bonerot Knuckles
   Bonerot Mace
   Bonerot Scimitar
   Bonespire Marrow Earring
   Bonespire Marrow Ring
   Bonespire Pulverizer
   Bonespire Spit
   Bonespire Staff
   Boneyard Basher
   Boneyard Cestus
   Boneyard Longbow
   Boneyard Shiv
   Boneyard Slicer
   Conjuror's Pact (Adept)
   Coral Amulet
   Coral Scrying Stone
   Crystal Blast II (Adept)
   Death Swarm (Adept)
   Divine Inspiration (Adept)
   Dwarf egg
   Emerald Amulet
   Emerald Scrying Stone
   Faywax Sealed Document
   Forward Charge II (Adept)
   Froglok fin
   Goblin Territory Marker
   Grisly Protection (Adept)
   Harrowglade Sandals
   Hold the Line II (Adept)
   Iksar wing
   Innoruuk's Caress II (Adept)
   Intercept (Adept)
   Invocation II (Adept)
   Kerra scales
   large decaying bone
   large meaty bone
   large polished bone
   Lightning Strike II (Adept)
   Orc tail
   Overpower II (Adept)
   Pandemic II (Adept)
   Paraffin Sealed Document
   Puncture II (Adept)
   Ratonga hoof
   Sableflame Chestplate
   Sableflame Cuirass
   Sableflame Hide Leggings
   Sableflame Legplates
   Sableflame Linked Leggings
   skeleton pocket
   small decaying bone
   small meaty bone
   Smoldering Chainmail Bracers
   Smoldering Leather Wristguards
   Smoldering Mantle
   Smoldering Pauldrons
   Smoldering Shawl
   Smoldering Vambraces
   Snarling Breeches
   Snarling Hide Leggings
   Snarling Legplates
   Snarling Shawl
   Star Sapphire Amulet
   Star Sapphire Scrying Stone
   Titanium Relic
   Wanderlust Leather Gloves
   Wellspring Belt
   Wellspring Bracelet
   Wellspring Choker
   Wellspring Earring
   Wellspring Sash
   Wellspring Signet
   Yha-lei fur
   a damaged average quality deer hide
   a damaged average quality snake skin
   a damaged low quality snake skin
   Advanced Adornments Volume 1
   Advanced Adornments Volume 2
   advanced craftsman volume 10
   advanced craftsman volume 11
   advanced craftsman volume 13
   advanced craftsman volume 15
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 13
   Advanced Scholar Volume 15
   boiled medicine bag
   Gummy Worms
   Peanut Brittle
   a bat ear
   a bat eye
   a bird feather
   a drake scale
   a flickering lightstone
   a fragment of terrain
   a Neriak recruit badge
   a poison gland
   a scrap of armor
   a sphinx eye amulet
   a strangely marked hide
   a talon
   A Vampire's Dark Heart
   a vampiric incisor
   a vial of drake blood
   a vial of spectral essence
   Advancer's Chain Leggings
   an Erudin amulet
   ancient tablet
   Assault (Adept)
   badge of honor
   Bag of Remedies
   Band of Bruised Fingers
   Banded Adventurer's Loop
   Banded Adventurer's Ringlet
   Bangle of K'Lorn
   Barroom Negotiation (Adept)
   Bash (Adept)
   Beaker of Housed Remedies
   Beguiler's Belt
   Beguiler's Cloak
   black stone
   blue lotus petal
   Brawler's Foot Wraps
   Brawler's Leg Wraps
   bride's promise
   broken sword hilt
   Caltorsis Earstud
   canine saliva
   canine saliva
   canine saliva
   carved bone trinket
   carved ivory cameo
   Cestus of Martial Flux
   Charlatan's Cloak
   Charlatan's Strap
   Chipped Battlehammer
   chipped ivory mask
   chipped shard of abjuration
   chipped shard of alteration
   chipped shard of channeling
   chipped shard of conjuration
   chipped shard of divination
   chipped shard of evocation
   Cleric's Plate Barbute
   Cleric's Plate Boots
   Cleric's Plate Greaves
   Cleric's Shaped Plate Boots
   Cloak of the Masquerade
   cracked dwarf bone fragment
   cracked froglok bone fragment
   cracked half elf bone fragment
   cracked iron stein
   Crest of Bruised Fingers
   Dark Shadow Drake
   Darklight Defender's Sash
   Darklight Healer's Cloak
   Darklight Healer's Sash
   Darklight Medium's Sash
   Darklight Stalker's Sash
   deadly mushroom
   Dire Bear (Brigand)
   Divine Exemplar's Plate Gloves of the Faithhealer
   Divine Exemplar's Shaped Plate Barbute
   Divine Exemplar's Shaped Plate Gloves
   Divine Exemplar's Shaped Plate Greaves
   Divine Exemplar's Shaped Wristguard
   Drake (Coercer)
   Drake (Defiler)
   Drake (Fury)
   Drake (Necromancer)
   Druid's Cap
   Druid's Leather Boots
   Earhoop of the Dark Queen
   Earhoop of the Rumbler
   Earhoop of Wandering Souls
   Earring of the Darklight
   Earring of the Darklight Guard
   Earstud of the Teir'Dal Captain
   Enchanted Arcanist's Woven Cowl
   Enchanted Arcanist's Woven Cuffs
   Envy Guard's Wristband
   Envy Magi's Wristband
   Envy Priest's Wristband
   Envy Scout's Wristband
   eye of vul
   Fiery Carnelian
   Fighter's Helmet
   Fighter's Worked Legplates
   flask of enchanted water
   flask of pure water
   flask of rancid water
   flask of stale water
   Focused Scrapper's Hand Wraps of the Silenthand
   Focused Scrapper's Threaded Foot Wraps
   Focused Scrapper's Threaded Hand Wraps
   Focused Scrapper's Threaded Skullcap
   Focused Scrapper's Threaded Wrist Wraps
   Fool's Gold Coin
   Forged Armlet of the Fighter
   Forged Manacle of the Prognosticator
   Fractured Spikehammer
   gnarled entwood
   Goblin (Berserker)
   Goblin (Brigand)
   Goblin (Mystic)
   Goblin-Aqua (Brigand)
   Goblin-Aqua (Coercer)
   Goblin-Sand (Dirge)
   Goblin-Sand (Guardian)
   golden ember
   Hoop of the Dark Scout
   Humming Reactant
   Hunker Down (Adept)
   Iksar Skeleton (Coercer)
   Iksar Skeleton (Warlock)
   Impale (Adept)
   intricate metal bowl
   Iridescent Crystal
   Lesser Bear Claw
   Lesser Blood of the Wolf
   Mage's Cowl
   Mage's Leggings
   Mage's Shoes
   Magic Warrior's Wand
   Magician's Summoned Trinket
   Mighty Soldier's Breastplate of the Swordbearer
   Mighty Soldier's Gauntlets of the Swordbearer
   Mighty Soldier's Worked Gauntlets
   Mighty Soldier's Worked Helmet
   Mighty Soldier's Worked Legplates
   Mountebank's Belt
   Mountebank's Cloak
   Mystical Metallic Rosary
   Novice Healer's Worn Cloak
   Novitiate's Club
   old silver coin
   plain black moth
   plain brown moth
   plain crystal shard
   plain tan moth
   plain white moth
   pouch of peat
   Radiant Elder's Rustic Chain Boots
   Radiant Elder's Rustic Coif
   rawhide leather pelt
   rawhide leather pelt
   reptile meat
   reptile skin
   Ring of Endless Adventure
   Ring of Long Lives
   Ringlet of Endless Adventure
   rock fern
   rubicite ore
   Ruined Rune Dirk
   runic book
   Sablevein Sigil Stone
   Sash of the Masquerade
   Scimitar of the Sultan
   Scout's Chain Helmet
   Scout's Chain Spaulders
   scuffed shard of channeling
   scuffed shard of evocation
   Shadow Arcanist's Manacle
   Shaman's Chain Boots
   Shaman's Coif
   shattered dwarf bone fragment
   shattered froglok bone fragment
   shattered half elf bone fragment
   shattered halfling bone fragment
   shattered high elf bone fragment
   shattered human bone fragment
   shattered kerra bone fragment
   shattered ogre bone fragment
   shattered orc bone fragment
   shattered ratonga bone fragment
   shattered troll bone fragment
   shattered wood elf bone fragment
   Shift Mana (Adept)
   Shout (Adept)
   Signet of Long Lives
   Skeleton (Ranger)
   small bag of ammonium nitrate
   small bag of compost
   Snake (Assassin)
   Spider (Paladin)
   Spike of the Teir'Dal Captain
   spotted black moth
   spotted brown moth
   spotted tan moth
   storm stalk
   strand of ether
   striped black moth
   striped brown moth
   striped white moth
   Stud of the Antonican Explorer
   Stud of the Teir'Dal Captain
   sundered obsidian
   tanned leather pelt
   tanned leather pelt
   tattered pegasus cloak
   Taunting Blow II (Adept)
   Tome of Feverous Intellect
   Tower Shield of the Apex
   Trainee's Runic Dirk
   Ulteran Diamond Sharpened Dirk
   Untainted Tender's Sewn Leather Boots
   Untainted Tender's Sewn Leather Gloves
   Untainted Tender's Sewn Leather Pants
   Vampire (Berserker)
   Vampire (Swashbuckler)
   Vampire Plans of Invasion
   Vampire-Greater (Guardian)
   Vicious Advancer's Chain Tunic of the Shadowsneaker
   Vicious Advancer's Small Link Chain Helmet
   void-soaked flower
   war fist
   waterproofed rope
   Weakened Bear Claw
   Weakened Blood of the Wolf
   Windstalker Hoop of Haunt
   Wolf (Illusionist)
   Wolf (Ranger)
   Wolf's Maw

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