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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 94960 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Kreigor, Moracar, the Fiend, Morgelon, the Wilder, Pyrefist, Dark Guardian, Ra-Sekjet, the Moltena giant obsidian lava spider, a jopal gatherer, a jopal guardian, a jopal lavahurler, a molten nilborien, a needlescale basilisk, greater flamelord

Regular Items
   a mephlin eye
   a mephlin hoof
   a mephlin horn
   a mephlin tail
   a mephlin wing
   a nilborien feather
   a planar elemental binding rune
   a planar elemental essence well
   a planar elemental prime seed
   a planar elemental summoned core
   a shard of sheer innovation
   Advanced Carpenter Studies 10
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 03
   Advanced Jeweler Studies 08
   Advanced Woodworker Studies 03
   Advanced Woodworker Studies 10
   Archivist's Barding Pattern of Health
   Azure Sapphire Amulet
   Azure Sapphire Insignia Ring
   Azure Sapphire Relic
   Azure Sapphire Scrying Stone
   Barrage XI (Adept)
   basilisk meat
   Blaze Kick IX (Adept)
   Blazing Avatar VI (Adept)
   Boots of the Fiend
   Bracers of the Dark Guardian
   Calcified Dragon Bone
   Cancellous Dragon Bone
   Castigate V (Adept)
   Celestial Adornments Volume II
   Celestial Rune of Expedience
   Celestial Rune: Adamant Defiance
   Celestial Rune: Adamant Resolve
   Celestial Rune: Blinding Gleam
   Celestial Rune: Firmament of Passion
   Celestial Rune: Untapped Potential
   Celestial Standard Crit Bonus Infuser
   Celestial Standard Potency Infuser
   Celestial Standard Stamina Infuser
   Chaotic Essence Relic
   charred spider abdomen
   Chunk of Dragon Meat
   Coagulating Dragon Blood
   Coif of the Fiend
   Daring Advance IX (Adept)
   Darksong Blade IX (Grandmaster)
   deadly terrorfruit
   Devout Sacrament VIII (Adept)
   Dispatch V (Adept)
   Doomfire Cloak
   Doomfire Curse
   Doomfire Horn
   Doomfire Leggings of the Molten
   Doppelganger IV (Adept)
   Eye of the Fiend
   Fist of Ra-Sekjet
   Flawless Dragon Scale
   Fresh Dragon Sinew
   Greater Celestial Adornments Volume II
   Hymn of Agility
   Hymn of Deafening
   Hymn of Embers
   Hymn of Mana
   Illegible Scroll Page: Elemental Avatar (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Granite Protector (Master)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Implosion (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Obsidian Mind (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Terrene Destruction (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Thermal Depletion (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Virulent Outbreak (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Compounding Force (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Necrotic Consumption (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: One with Stone (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Septic Strike II (Adept)
   Ink of Burning
   Ink of Fables
   Ink of Haste
   Ink of Searing
   Ink of Smoke
   jopal love note
   Judgment X (Master)
   Kriegor's Belt of Fire
   Kriegor's Collar of Flame
   Kriegor's Enkindled Bangle
   Kriegor's Enkindled Sash
   Litany VII (Adept)
   Lively Hymn
   Lucan's Pact IX (Adept)
   Mercenary: Oqdan Blisterbringer
   Molten Spiritstone
   Morgelon's Bag of Spines
   Morgelon's Club
   Morgelon's Hide Cloak
   Morgelon's Leather Shoulders
   Mortal Blade VIII (Adept)
   Needlescale Fired Boots
   Needlescale Hide
   nimbic hide
   Planar Fragment of Fire
   Planar Fragment of Pure Magic
   Planar Fragment of Storms
   Planar Fragment of Water
   Planar Grandmaster Recipes Volume I
   Preserved Dragon Blood
   Pyre Stamp
   Pyrefist's Ring
   Pyrefist's Slicer
   Ra-Sekjet's Cobalt Earring
   Ra-Sekjet's Doomfire Axe
   Ra-Sekjet's Molten Belt
   Ra-Sekjet's Plate Greaves
   Resilient Dragon Sinew
   Shanghai X (Adept)
   Signet of Cold
   Signet of Crimson
   Signet of Oxidation
   Signet of Wisdom
   Sniper Shot V (Adept)
   Sonorous Signet
   Spiked Neck of the Fiend
   Stamp of Fire
   Stamp of Phoenix
   Stamp of Resonance
   Stamp of the Rogues
   Stormbringer's Spiritstone
   strangler root
   Stupefy VI (Adept)
   Sueded Dragon Hide
   Sunmane Sleeves
   Supple Dragon Meat
   thermite briquette
   Thin Dragon Scale
   Top-Grained Dragon Hide
   Transfer Life VII (Adept)
   Umbral Warding IX (Adept)
   Unending Agony IX (Adept)
   wandervine fruit
   Wrath of the Ancients VII (Adept)

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