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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Glykus Meldron, Hinvat Deathbringer, Meldin Talonmendera slogging wraith, a winged assaulter

Treasured ItemsRegular Items
   an aviak talon
   Astral Pugilist's Fortified Wrist Wraps
   Aviak (Shadowknight)
   Blood-Spattered Clutch of Exceptional Refuge
   broken sword hilt
   Celestial Curate's Tempered Vambraces
   Clairvoyant Witch Doctor's Tempered Wristguard
   Deific Rhapsodist's Reinforced Wristguard
   Dominant Sentinel's Fortified Vambraces
   Eliminator's Reinforced Wristguard
   Feinting Blade of the Cunning Gambit
   Feinting Bow of the Cunning Gambit
   Feinting Dagger of the Cunning Gambit
   Feinting Round Shield of the Cunning Gambit
   Gleaming Pillar of the Ancient Sensei
   Grim Belt of the Exceedingly Ruthless
   Grim Chain of the Exceedingly Ruthless
   Imbued Focus of Unorthodox Expurgation
   Imbued Sledge of Unorthodox Expurgation
   Imbued Spear of Unorthodox Expurgation
   Ornamented Circlet of the Utterly Murderous
   Ornamented Necklace of the Utterly Murderous
   Ornamented Sash of the Utterly Murderous
   Planar Knight's Fortified Vambraces
   Quixotic Seer's Empowered Bands
   Scintillating Dirk of the Sagacious Deviant
   Scintillating Staff of the Sagacious Deviant
   Scintillating Tome of the Sagacious Deviant
   Sovereign Belt of Vast Amelioration
   Sovereign Choker of Vast Amelioration
   Stoic Wall of Brutallic Oppression
   Stout Mallet of the Ancient Sensei
   Supreme Blackguard's Reinforced Wristguard
   void-soaked flower
   Vultak (Fury)

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