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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 122887 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Eegut Stonegut, Famyra the Biblioghost, The Deadly Dapperling, Tog Voil, Yelloweyesa muck digger, a netherbian dreader, a reishi sensate, an umbral gloomlich

Regular Items
   a netherbian finger
   a netheriban eye
   a reishi stem
   Advanced Alchemist Studies 11
   Advanced Sage Studies 11
   Advanced Tailor Studies 20
   Baltar's Reach
   Bloody Owlbear Tooth Wristlet
   Brixwald's Scorn
   Death Cap Chopper
   Death Cap Earrings
   Eegut's Tribal Band
   Empyral Advanced Ability Mod Infuser
   Empyral Advanced Crit Bonus Infuser
   Empyral Advanced Potency Infuser
   Empyral Advanced Stamina Infuser
   Empyral Rune: Ascension of Life
   Empyral Rune: Astral Dominion
   Empyral Rune: Blinding Gleam
   Empyral Rune: Firmament of Growth
   Empyral Rune: Foundation of Earth
   Feast VIII (Adept)
   Galorian Nomad's Sash
   Garith Oldfoe
   Glowing Stonegrabber Glyph
   Hardened Zelniak Pelt
   Holy Circle X (Adept)
   Hornbeam Spruce Log
   Humming Azurite
   Humming Sapphire Gem
   Illegible Scroll Page: Elemental Amalgamation (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Ethermancy (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Frozen Heavens (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Granite Protector (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Implosion (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Septic Strike (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll Page: Toxic Life (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Exsanguination (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Pact of the Fire Tyrant (Adept)
   Illegible Scroll: Stone Soul (Adept)
   Jumping Creeper
   Knight's Stance X (Adept)
   Lantern Hogfish
   Lost Pearls of Family Midst
   Lucid Shard of Contempt
   Lucid Shard of Dawn
   Lucidus Chain Mantle of the Deathless
   Lucidus Leather Pauldons of the Deathless
   Lucidus Leather Pauldrons of Evasion
   Lucidus Mantle of the Deathless
   Lucidus Pauldrons of Evasion
   Lucidus Pauldrons of the Deathless
   Lucidus Shoulder Pattern of the Deathless
   Luclizite Amulet
   Luclizite Cluster
   Luclizite Insignia Ring
   Luclizite Scrying Stone
   Lunar Mushroom
   Lustrous Rockhopper Hide
   Mage Dewey's Ring of Decimals
   Meliorate XII (Master)
   Midst Librarian's Bracelet
   Midst Librarian's Cincture
   Midst Manor Necklace
   Midst Mortuary Sword
   moltenite muck
   Muck Digger Pincer
   nether coil
   netherbian hard candy
   Netherbian Skin Cloak
   Overseer Quest: Convince the Guardians
   Overseer Quest: Reacquire the Idol of Solusek Ro
   Polished Spectre Blade
   Portrait of a Fun Guy
   Primal Luclizite Shard
   Pristine Shissar Fang
   Radiant Algae
   Radiant Pome
   Researchable Artifact: Consuming Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Indigo Fragment of Shadow
   Researchable Artifact: Vibrating Fragment of Shadow
   Rockhopper Meat
   Sanctum Breeching Recipes
   Sensate Spear
   sensate spores
   Shadowed Humming Azurite
   Shadowed Humming Sapphire Gem
   Shadowed Jumping Creeper
   Shadowed Lunar Mushroom
   Shadowed Pome
   Shadowed Shrieker Mushroom
   Shadowed Slow Creeping Roots
   Shrieking Mushroom
   Slow Creeping Root
   Slurred Insult XI (Adept)
   Solar Flare XII (Master)
   Soulbound Crossbow
   Splitfin Dartfish
   Stone-Carved Buckler
   sulfuric rags
   Supernus Breastplate of Evasion
   Supernus Breastplate of the Deathless
   Supernus Cuirass of the Deathless
   Supernus Gi of Evasion
   Supernus Gi of the Deathless
   Supernus Robe of the Deathless
   Swarm Fender
   Undulating Nether Coil
   Veilwalker's Transmutation Stone
   Volatile Spores
   Warden of the Forest IX (Master)
   Wayward Cutter
   Wayward Wand
   Wracked Wood Wedge
   Yelloweyes' Paw

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