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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Ambassador Jalanderraa corrupted dryad, a glowmyst beetle, a mature bear cub, a mystail matriarch, a young mystail rat, an Oakmyst doe, an Oakmyst fawn, an Oakmyst spider

Treasured ItemsRegular Items
   Abandoned Fury (Adept)
   alderwood round shield
   Bronze Halberd
   Delicate Shawl
   Deteriorate (Adept)
   Enrage (Adept)
   Knee Break (Adept)
   machinist's gloves
   Rejuvenation II (Adept)
   sackcloth blouse
   sackcloth cap
   sackcloth cuffs
   sackcloth mitts
   sackcloth shawl
   sackcloth slippers
   Unflinching Will (Adept)
   Wolf-hide Boots
   chipped shard of abjuration
   chipped shard of alteration
   chipped shard of channeling
   chipped shard of conjuration
   chipped shard of divination
   chipped shard of evocation
   cracked dark elf bone fragment
   cracked gnoll bone fragment
   cracked human bone fragment
   duck feather
   eagle feather
   falcon feather
   hawk feather
   plain blue butterfly
   plain violet butterfly
   plain yellow butterfly
   regal purple butterfly
   scuffed shard of abjuration
   scuffed shard of alteration
   scuffed shard of channeling
   scuffed shard of conjuration
   scuffed shard of evocation
   shattered barbarian bone fragment
   shattered dwarf bone fragment
   shattered erudite bone fragment
   shattered froglok bone fragment
   shattered gnoll bone fragment
   shattered gnome bone fragment
   shattered half elf bone fragment
   shattered halfling bone fragment
   shattered human bone fragment
   shattered kerra bone fragment
   shattered ratonga bone fragment
   shattered troll bone fragment
   shattered wood elf bone fragment
   sparrow feather
   spotted blue butterfly
   spotted violet butterfly
   striped blue butterfly
   striped purple butterfly
   striped violet butterfly
   striped yellow butterfly
   worn chain bracelet

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