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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 93176 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Clockwork Prototype XXVII, Clockwork Scrounger XVII, Gearclaw the Collector, Glitched Cell Keeper, The Glitched Guardian 10101a clockwork crawler, a clockwork scanner, a clockwork scrapper, a clockwork sentinel, a junkpile scrounger, a prodding gearlet

Regular Items
   A New Day Comes
   a shard of pure malady
   a shard of sheer innovation
   Accolade of Gears
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 106
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 108
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 110
   Advanced Armorer Volume 104
   Advanced Armorer Volume 105
   Advanced Armorer Volume 106
   Advanced Armorer Volume 107
   Advanced Armorer Volume 108
   Advanced Armorer Volume 109
   Advanced Armorer Volume 110
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 106
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 107
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 108
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 109
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 110
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 106
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 107
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 108
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 109
   Advanced Provisioner Volume 110
   Advanced Sage Volume 105
   Advanced Sage Volume 106
   Advanced Sage Volume 107
   Advanced Sage Volume 108
   Advanced Sage Volume 109
   Advanced Tailor Volume 106
   Advanced Tailor Volume 107
   Advanced Tailor Volume 108
   Advanced Tailor Volume 109
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 106
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 107
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 108
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 110
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 105
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 107
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 108
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 109
   Ancient Clockwork Hand
   Ancient Machine Parts
   Ancient Prototype Cuirass
   Awe-Stitched Leather Belt
   Battery Charged Breaches
   Beatdown IX (Adept)
   Bellows Crafted Cap
   Belt of the Plane's Traveler
   Bloody Band of Nightmares
   Bracelet of False Realities
   Brass Gear
   Bria's Inspiring Ballad IX (Adept)
   Cellkeeper's Earring
   Chromium Gear
   Cincture of Iniquity
   Circular Rebus
   Cloak of the Weary Traveler
   Collector's Collected Collections
   Collector's Skull Ring
   Collector's Trinket Necklace
   Corroded Metal Scrap
   Crescent Strike IX (Adept)
   Crooked Spur Housing
   Disc of Secrecy
   Discs of Unknown Purpose
   Evade IX (Adept)
   Everburning Arcane Candle
   Everburning Lantern
   Flamboyant Strike VI (Adept)
   Fossil of Wisdom
   Fragment of Power
   Frigid Gift VII (Adept)
   Gear Collector's Chain Gauntlets
   Gems of the Nether
   Glitched Chestguard 10101
   Glitching Clockwork Contraption
   gnawed bone
   Golden Chain of Ancient Awe
   Half-Spiked Sprocket
   Hidden Shot VIII (Adept)
   Ice Spears X (Adept)
   Ice Storm X (Adept)
   Invention Relics
   Ionic Hammered Band
   Knowledge of Mortality
   Mana-Infused Ring
   Nature's Pack V (Adept)
   Necklace of Arcane Brilliance
   Nickel Gear
   Oil-coated Conduit
   Peaceful Link VII (Adept)
   Planar Adornments
   Planar Fragment of Fire
   Planar Fragment of Pure Magic
   Planar Fragment of Storms
   Planar Harvest
   Planar Standard Ability Mod Infuser
   Planar Standard Potency Infuser
   Planar Standard Stamina Infuser
   Power Cleave VIII (Adept)
   Redemption VII (Adept)
   Refined Metal Scrap
   Reign of the Twelve Kings
   Ring of Ice VII (Adept)
   Ring of Wonderment
   Rubicite Amulet
   Rubicite Insignia Ring
   Rubicite Relic
   Rubicite Scrying Stone
   Rupture IX (Adept)
   Sandra's Deafening Strike X (Adept)
   Scrounged Charm Bracelet
   Scrounged Up Rearless Chaps
   Shanghai X (Adept)
   Silver Wristband of Awe
   Slurred Insult X (Adept)
   Soulrend IX (Adept)
   Stone of Burgeoning Power
   Stupefy VI (Adept)
   Temwiddle crimped cog
   The Goddess' Connection
   The Radiant Sun
   Tinkerer's Necessities
   Tormented Construct's Shackle
   Twisted Druid Thorns
   Umbral Warding IX (Adept)
   Unholy Blessing IX (Adept)
   Wrapped Steel Ring Prototype

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