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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 94088 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Akillah, Auroric slug, Chronowhisper, Crushmaul, Gliderail, Horsenedto, Ilsiension, Lumberdrudge, Magmoar, Malspout, Mournthing, Myhst river eel, Myhstreaver, Ripterror, Slimewall, Sonath, Soulus, Spineripper, Tahirah the Exiled, Tempestoril, Tintinnal, Tiny, Tombstrike, Tramplehoof, Tthuhnicsferae, Umbraclaw, Wildfire, Yrzu elementala fount remnant, a green fruit bat, a lobster monster, a possessive pakiat siamang, a pure waterform, aethersalmon, alux bluffwalker, alux cemicaller, alux marshsifter, an earth elemental, aranid bluffstalker, blazing ignus, brackish wakingdew, ceffyl foal, ceffyl grazer, cnidcara feeder, cnidcara feederling, cnidcara nester, cross greatmole, diamondwing volaserpent, fishing stonestalker, flickering ignus, frenzied cnidcara, ignus dancer, ignus remnant, male pakiat siamang, nesting plumewit, nesting volaserpent, pakiat siamang, perching shadowed stelecat, plains ceffyl, planar air elemental, planar earth elemental, planar fire elemental, planar water elemental, plumewit ridgestalker, plumewit shorestalker, savage plumewit, scavenging greatmole, seabound cnidcara, shadowed air elemental, shadowed stelecat, stalking stoneripper, the monkey king, the Mother Hen, wakingdew root ball, wakingdew walker

Regular Items
   a crudely sketched map
   a planar elemental binding rune
   a planar elemental essence well
   a planar elemental fascination rune
   a planar elemental prime seed
   a planar elemental summoned core
   a satchel of stolen crystals
   a shard of pure malady
   a shard of sheer innovation
   a thorned twarkian rose
   Abjurative Repulsors
   Act of War VII (Adept)
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 101
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 102
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 103
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 104
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 105
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 106
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 107
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 108
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 110
   Advanced Armorer Volume 101
   Advanced Armorer Volume 102
   Advanced Armorer Volume 103
   Advanced Armorer Volume 104
   Advanced Armorer Volume 105
   Advanced Armorer Volume 106
   Advanced Armorer Volume 107
   Advanced Armorer Volume 108
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 101
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 102
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 103
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 104
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 105
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 106
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 107
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 108
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 109
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 101
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 102
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 103
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 104
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 105
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 107
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 108
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 109
   Advanced Provisioner Volume 110
   Advanced Sage Volume 101
   Advanced Sage Volume 102
   Advanced Sage Volume 103
   Advanced Sage Volume 105
   Advanced Sage Volume 106
   Advanced Sage Volume 107
   Advanced Sage Volume 108
   Advanced Sage Volume 109
   Advanced Sage Volume 110
   Advanced Tailor Volume 101
   Advanced Tailor Volume 102
   Advanced Tailor Volume 103
   Advanced Tailor Volume 104
   Advanced Tailor Volume 105
   Advanced Tailor Volume 106
   Advanced Tailor Volume 107
   Advanced Tailor Volume 108
   Advanced Tailor Volume 109
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 101
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 102
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 103
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 104
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 105
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 106
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 107
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 108
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 101
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 102
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 103
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 105
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 106
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 107
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 108
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 109
   Aetherial Sketch
   Aetherscale Bone Hoop
   Alchemical Measures
   Allured Harp Crown
   Altered Seed
   Amnesial Scraps
   Arborian Wedge
   Arcane Drum Skin
   Arcannium Wax Sealed Document
   Ash of Equinox
   Auguay Band of Casting
   Augur's Implements
   Augured Flute Plate
   Augury Band of Blocking
   Augury Bangle of Presage
   Augury Bracelet of Presage
   Averting Phantom Ring
   Azure Sapphire
   bag of gypsum
   Band of Gusting Winds
   Banished Ether
   basilisk meat
   bat ear tip
   Belt of Constant Denial
   Bewitched Castanets
   Bio Harmonized Mucus
   Blackguard VIII (Adept)
   Blasphemous Plume
   Blessed Cameo
   blinding gaseous shimmer
   Bloodsurge Cloak
   Blurry Sculpture
   Book of Sheet Music
   Boots of Malspout
   Boots of the Beaked Terror
   Boots of the Bumblebee Smasher
   Boots of Tombstrike
   Bow of the Uplands Dread
   Box of Seamless Nothing
   Braced Statuette
   Brackish Bulb
   Bronzed Tread
   Call to Arms IX (Adept)
   Casiun Root
   Cataclysm Shroud of Protection
   Ceffyl Grazer Eye
   Ceffyl Stallion Hoof
   Celestial Foundation
   Celestial Spellshard
   Centerless Reticle
   cerulean umbrite shard
   Chain Boots of Tthuhnicsferae
   Chain of Hope
   Chain of Stormfury
   Chromatic Storm IX (Adept)
   Chronomantic Abstracts
   Chronowhisper Gloves
   Chronowhisper's Greatshield
   Cloak of Timeless Torment
   cnidcara hide
   Cnidcara Tendril
   cockatrice beak
   cockatrice meat
   cockatrice talon
   Cognitive Fragment
   Cold Haze Sketch
   Combustion Sketch
   Concussion VIII (Adept)
   Conjuration Vessels
   Consecrated Trinket
   Convexing Monocle
   Crouching Tiger IX (Adept)
   Crushmaul's Granite Stud
   Crushmaul's Hands
   Cursory Malachite Nugget
   Curved Diaschisma
   deadly mushroom
   deadly terrorfruit
   dewpalm lumber
   Divergent Grain
   Divine Sparkly Bangle
   Drape of Boding Honor
   Draught of Spawning
   Earhoop of Yrzu Dignity
   Earring of Pakiat Pride
   Earring of Vahla Honor
   Entropic Lenses
   Ephemeral Crystal Shards
   Essence of Abjuration
   Essence of Alteration
   Essence of Conjuration
   Essence of Divination
   Essence of Enchantment
   Essence of Evocation
   Essence of Magic
   Essence of the Dancing Ignus
   Essence of the Flickering Ignus
   Expeditious Quill
   Eye of Malspout
   Fading Topaz Piece
   flask of deep water
   Fleeting Obsidian Fragment
   flitterfin tang
   Folded Septimal Scale
   Folded Silk Gate
   fresh octoyogg sucker
   Fugacious Purple Agate
   fused brinidine
   fused brinidine
   Glazed Microtonal Scale
   Gliderail's Bracers
   Gliderail's Gilded Wrist
   Glittervein Relic
   Gloves of the Devourer of Mana
   Gloves of the Starfire Thief
   glowing ignasium
   gnarled entwood
   gnawed bone
   goblin battle harness
   golden ember
   Golden Fleck
   gongal pore
   greatmole meat
   Hallowed Ornaments
   Hammer of the Burning Ignus
   Harmonious Opus
   Hat of Silken Ingress
   Herald Ring of the Metetherial
   Hidden Shot VIII (Adept)
   Hoop of Plasmic Gloss
   Hoop of the Devourer of Mana
   Hornbeam Spruce Log
   Horoscopic Quill
   Horsenedto's Bow
   Horsenedto's Wandering Bracers
   Humming Azurite
   Hybridization Salts
   Ignus Manaflare
   Ilsiension's Eye
   Impale IX (Adept)
   Incendiary Spoon
   Infallible Quill
   Infusitive Components
   Insoluble Half-Flask
   Interbred Insect Parts
   Invective VI (Adept)
   iridescent slime
   Isotopic Alloy
   Jagged Continuum Chord
   Jar of Formless Goo
   Jar of Slime
   Judicator Palm Heart
   Jumping Creeper
   Kandra Defensive Earstud
   Keeper's Cord of Portent
   Kernel of Antimagic
   Kinetic Effigies
   Lucan's Pact IX (Adept)
   Luclinite Amulet
   Luclizite Cluster
   Lucubrative Particles
   Lumberdrudge's Gauntlets
   Lumberdrudge's Sap
   Lumberdrudge's Thorned Girdle
   Lumicite Amulet
   Lumicite Scrying Stone
   Lunar Mushroom
   Mace of the Exiled
   Magical Essences
   Magmoar's Staff of Burning
   Mana Cloak VI (Adept)
   Mana-Infused Lead
   matron's heart
   Migration Map
   Mindful Fibers
   Mite of Memoir
   monkey paw
   Moon-scarred Trinket
   Mournthing's Girdle of Doom
   Mourthing's Boots of Shocking
   Mutated Seed
   Myhstreaver's Eye
   Myhstreaver's Plated Boots
   Mystic Tenor Drone
   Needlescale Hide
   nightmare cichlid
   nimbic hide
   Noxious Cloud Sketch
   Numinous Beads
   Obscuration Loupe
   Ooze of Forbiddance
   Page of Sheet Music
   Parchment of Sheet Music
   petalcreeper root
   Piece of Sheet Music
   Planar Energy
   Planar Fragment of Earth
   Planar Fragment of Fire
   Planar Fragment of Pure Magic
   Planar Fragment of Storms
   Planar Fragment of Water
   Planar Fragment of Wind
   Planar Grandmaster Recipes Volume VIII
   Plasmic Marrow
   Plated Hands of Sonath
   Plumewit Feather
   Plumewit Flight Talon
   plumewit hide
   Plumewit Tail Feather
   Pouch of the Starfire Thief
   Primal Harmonic
   Primal Luclizite Shard
   primary octoyogg eye
   Prophetic Symphony
   pyre umbrite shard
   Quill of Exaltation
   Radiant Algae
   Radiant Pome
   raw planeshard
   reef cluster
   Reflected Scope
   Rejuvenation Sketch
   remnant of valor
   Retrospected Gravel
   Reverberating Trifle
   Ring of Ripterror
   Ripterror's Hide Cloak
   Ripterror's Hide Gloves
   rock fern
   Rubicite Amulet
   Rubicite Insignia Ring
   rubicite ore
   Rubicite Relic
   Rubicite Scrying Stone
   Rugged Padded Belt
   Rune of Banishment
   Rune of Cancellation
   Rune of Compulsion
   Rune of Containment
   Rune of Forbiddance
   Savage Assault IX (Adept)
   Scaled Cloak of Tthuhnicsferae
   Scarred Coal
   Scrap of Sheet Music
   Scroll of Omens
   Scroll of Sheet Music
   Searing Shot IX (Adept)
   Seed of Disparity
   Seed of Overgrowth
   Seeds of Change
   Seeds of Deviation
   Seeping Cup
   Sequestration Flux
   Sevengrain Thimble
   Shadowed Humming Azurite
   Shadowed Humming Sapphire Gem
   Shadowed Spruce Log
   Shadowed Wracked Wood Wedge
   shifting stratium
   Shrieking Mushroom
   Shroud of Armor IX (Adept)
   Sigil of Crushmaul
   Silent Deep pearl
   Silver Heart
   silvered fleck
   Skull Head Ring of Vallation
   Slimewall's Boots
   Slow Creeping Root
   Slow Finger Drum
   Smooth Diatonic Chord
   Smooth Planar Bauble
   Solid Bangle of the Forerunner
   Solid Bracelet of Boding
   Solid Wrist of the Greatmole
   solidified aurorite
   Solstice Quill
   Soulus' Feet of the Defender
   Spiked Augury Band
   Spineripper's Torque
   Stable Bracelet of the Harbinger
   Stigmatic Erfle
   Stitch of Remembrance
   storm ent heartwood
   storm stalk
   Storm-Forged Torque
   Stormforged Shroud
   strand of ether
   strangler root
   Stud of Magmoar
   Stunning Roar VII (Adept)
   Suffusing Resin
   Symmetrical Mesh
   Taboo Occult Coin
   Tahirah's Augury Protective Mitts
   Tempered Tritave Chord
   Tempestoril's Bind Ring
   Tempestorills Hands of Gusting Winds
   Tenderizing Compound
   Thaumaturge Sketches
   The Ornithologist's Bag
   the seventh tome
   Theurgical Runes
   Thundrous Well Sketch
   Tintinnal's Chiming Wrist
   Tintinnal's Stable Boots
   Tiny's Bandana
   Tombstrike's Torque of Terror
   Toothed Hour Chain
   Torque of Cursed Vengeance
   Torque of Timeless Torment
   Torture IX (Adept)
   Tramplehoof's Hide
   Transcendence IX (Adept)
   Umbraclaw's Band
   Umbraclaw's Hands
   Unflippable Coin
   Unfocused Eyepiece
   Unholy Covenant IX (Adept)
   vestigial slug shell
   Volaserpent Eggshell Fragment
   Volaserpent Feather
   Volaserpent Horn
   Volatile Quartz Shard
   Volumizing Dram
   Waistband of Ausipice Protection
   wandervine fruit
   Weightless Icon
   Wildfire's Superheated Bracers
   Wooden Lituus
   Worn Annual Coin
   Wrap of Celestial Energies
   Wrist of Magical Visions
   Wrist of Soulus
   Xanas Quill

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