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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 107499 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Berik Bloodfist, Commander Corpsemaul, Commander Goreslaughter, Eriak the Fetid, Glokus Windhelm, Tagrin Maldric, The Enraged War Boara Decorin terrorfiend, a Diaku battlebrute, a Diaku warfury, a jaunty music box, a Morlock thrasher, a Warhide battlecharger, a Warhide guardbreaker

Regular Items
   Astral Pugilist's Brutal Breeches
   Astral Pugilist's Brutal Foot Wraps
   Astral Pugilist's Brutal Gi
   Band of the Fate Revisionist
   Band of the Hendin Shadow Savant
   Beak of a Trampled Avazek
   Belt of the Hendin Shadow Savant
   Celestial Curate's Sovereign Greaves
   Celestial Curate's Sovereign Pauldrons
   Clairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign Hauberk
   Clairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign Wristguard
   Cloak of Elemental Enslavement
   Clutch of Diakan Fortitude
   Clutch of the Honorbound Avazek
   Decorin Runed Cape
   Decorin Runed Girdle
   Decorin Runed Ring
   Decorin's Diabolical Bo Staff
   Decorin's Diabolical Mallet
   Decorin's Diabolical Pouch
   Dirk of Otherworldly Destruction
   Dominant Sentinel's Brutal Breastplate
   Dominant Sentinel's Brutal Greaves
   Dominant Sentinel's Brutal Pauldrons
   Drape of the Honorbound Avazek
   Earring of Elemental Enslavement
   Eternal Haruspex's Sovereign Shoulder Pads
   Focus of Recondite Mending
   Girdle of Diakan Fortitude
   Glykus Helmir's Whistle of Boar Calling
   Greatsword of the Diaku Paragon
   Hendin's Phantasmagoric Blade
   Hendin's Phantasmagoric Dagger
   Hendin's Phantasmagoric Round Shield
   Hendin's Phantasmagoric Satchel
   Immortal Theurgist's Masterous Epaulets
   Immortal Theurgist's Masterous Leggings
   Immortal Theurgist's Masterous Shoes
   Lesser Essence of Acid
   Lesser Essence of Pestilence
   Longsword of the Diaku Paragon
   Loop of Toxic Warboar Blood
   Mace of Recondite Mending
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Moderate Essence of Nature
   Modulated Armband of the Fate Revisionist
   Modulated Shackle of Diakan Fortitude
   Petrified Skull of a Bygone Emperor
   Pure Primal Velium Shard
   Rending Bangle of the Morlock
   Rending Earring of the Morlock
   Rending Necklace of the Morlock
   Rending Ring of the Morlock
   Ring of Toxic Warboar Blood
   Sash of Elemental Enslavement
   Shell of Deep Meditation
   Staff of Otherworldly Destruction
   Stickpin of the Fate Revisionist
   Stickpin of the Hendin Shadow Savant
   Stud of the Honorbound Avazek
   Torque of Diakan Fortitude
   Transcendent Eliminator's Despotic Chausses
   Transcendent Eliminator's Despotic Coif
   Transcendent Eliminator's Despotic Hauberk
   Transcendent Eliminator's Despotic Spaulders
   Transcendent Eliminator's Despotic Wristguard
   Wall of the Diaku Paragon
   Wand of Otherworldly Destruction

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