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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 83295 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Breeder Nurzon, Buz'zard, Car'rion, Championess Pollenica, Drizzler, Gazer Atrocity, Grubgullet, Hive Colonizer, Hurricanus the Patriarch, Oculus Drone, Princess Bzzie, Queen Bazzt Bzzt the 200th, Queen Zilina the Deposed, Reaver Vurnaz, Scavenge Master, Spykrachis, Stormscreech Thundermaw, Tempest, The Gloompall Hag, The Skywatcher, The Soundless Guardian, Thunderclap, Zyivt'koz of the Portalsa bee, a bee serf worker, a bzzt bixie attendant, a bzzt bixie defender, a bzzt bixie hatchling, a bzzt bixie soldier, a bzzt bixie worker, a cloudyeye detector, a cloudyeye gawker, a cloudyeye surveyor, a deadly bloodbloom, a devout reaver, a gazer constrainer, a Gloompall breezebender, a Gloompall crone, a Gloompall gustbreaker, a Gloompall windscratcher, a guardian of secrets, a herald of Dar, a hewn stone drake, a hulking gorg, a savage wyrm, a Scaleborn sentry, a Scaleborn stonesetter, a Scaleborn warrior, a sentinel bladehand, a skywatch reaver honorguard, a squalburst drake, a stonesetter overseer, a storm cell, a Strifewing raptor, a summoned frightling, a swoop serpent, a tanglefly, a territorial gorg, a Thulian dreadknight, a Thulian terrorlord, a thundermaw drake, a torpid bloodbloom, a treasure guardian, a twilight gorg, a vicious gazer, a Vornerus intruder, a Vornerus manaweaver, a Vornerus spellspinner, a wicked gazer, an azure drake, an ethereal yellow jacket

Fabled ItemsTreasured ItemsUncommon ItemsRegular Items
   Dragon Rage III (Master)
   Invective II (Master)
   Invocation VI (Master)
   Masked Strike V (Master)
   a bixie eye
   a bixie stinger
   a bixie thorax
   a bixie wing
   a drakota scale
   a droag hide
   a droag horn
   a droag jaw
   a droag ribcage
   a droag tooth
   a fairy ear
   a fairy eye
   a ravasect antenna
   a ravasect eye
   a ravasect foot
   acrylia cluster
   an aviak beak
   an aviak feather
   an aviak gizzard
   an aviak talon
   an evil eye binding shackle
   an evil eye enchantment
   an evil eye pupil
   Ancestral Mettle IV (Adept)
   Archer's Fury IV (Adept)
   Bash V (Adept)
   Bayberry Sealed Document
   Blackguard IV (Adept)
   Blasphemy V (Adept)
   Blaze of Faith III (Adept)
   Bodyguard V (Adept)
   Brainshock VI (Adept)
   Cannibalize Thoughts III (Adept)
   Chaos Anthem III (Adept)
   Clarion VI (Adept)
   Concussion IV (Adept)
   Conjuror's Pact IV (Adept)
   Daro's Sorrowful Dirge III (Adept)
   Death March (Adept)
   Devious Evasion IV (Adept)
   Dire Balm VII (Adept)
   Disheartening Descant IV (Adept)
   Ebbing Spirit II (Adept)
   Entangle III (Adept)
   Evade V (Adept)
   Everburning Flame III (Adept)
   Faith Strike V (Adept)
   Feast III (Adept)
   Gouge IV (Adept)
   Hemorrhage VII (Adept)
   Indicolite Relic
   Invocation VI (Adept)
   large meaty bone
   Lightning Fists IV (Adept)
   Moonstone Amulet
   Moonstone Scrying Stone
   Mortal Blade IV (Adept)
   Netherealm (Adept)
   Never Surrender IV (Adept)
   Painbringer V (Adept)
   Perfection of the Maestro (Adept)
   Ritual Healing VI (Adept)
   rough moonstone
   Rupture V (Adept)
   scintillating material
   Silence IV (Adept)
   Siphon Strength III (Adept)
   small meaty bone
   Solar Flare VII (Adept)
   Soulrot VII (Adept)
   Speechless IV (Adept)
   Star Sapphire Amulet
   Star Sapphire Scrying Stone
   Taunting Blow VI (Adept)
   Thulian Puzzle Box
   Transfer Life III (Adept)
   Uppercut III (Adept)
   xegonite cluster
   Xegonite Relic
   Advanced Adornments Volume 6
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 57
   Advanced Armorer Volume 57
   Advanced Armorer Volume 58
   Advanced Armorer Volume 60
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 56
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 60
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 67
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 57
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 58
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 60
   Advanced Sage Volume 58
   Advanced Sage Volume 65
   Advanced Tailor Volume 57
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 58
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 60
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 61
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 57
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 59
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 60
   Myrmidon's Gauntlets of Power
   a blunted bixie stinger
   a drake scale
   a fairy antenna
   a vial of drake blood
   a vial of drake blood
   a vial of fairy blood
   abraded stomach stone
   an accumulation of plasma
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an ocular tentacle
   aviak love note
   aviak meat
   Awakened steel bracers
   Awakened steel dagger
   Awakened steel longsword
   Band of the Ghostly Wail
   Band of the Greater Nomad
   Beguiler's Cowl of Invoking
   blemished beholder eye
   blemished dragon bone shard
   Blighted Horde IV (Adept)
   blood flower
   brightly glowing tome
   bronze emblem of awakened
   brown feather leaf
   Brownie Enchanter's Belt
   Buckler of the New Order
   chipped dragon bone shard
   Choker of the Dunestalker
   Choker of the Sun Priest
   Clairvoyant's Copper-Threaded Epaulets of Elements
   Clairvoyant's Copper-Threaded Gloves of Elements
   Claws of Prudent Visions
   cloud stone
   Cord of the Aeromancer
   Crest of the Elven Princess
   Crest of the Ghostly Wail
   Crest of the Greater Nomad
   Cummerbund of the Faydark Druid
   Cummerbund of the Fayhunter
   Cummerbund of the Forest Fist
   damaged wurm hide
   Dark Priest's Waistband of Rites
   Dark Shadow Drake
   deathbloom buckeye
   deathbloom stalk
   decayed vultak claw
   decrepit dragon bone shard
   dingy vultak claw
   Draconic Forged Blade
   Droag (Assassin)
   Droag (Shadowknight)
   droag love note
   dusky vultak claw
   Earhoop of the Scorpion Claw
   Effigy of Mystical Runes
   Eldritch Glowing Martial Circlet
   Emblem of Beaten Spirits
   Emblem of the Ghostly Wail
   Exquisite Onyx
   eye of vul
   Facet of the Scorpion Claw
   Fae Drake (Illusionist)
   Fairy (Coercer)
   fey stone
   Flameshield IV (Adept)
   flask of enchanted water
   flask of pure water
   Flawless Amber
   flying snake skin
   flying snake spine
   gazer eyestalk
   gazer retina
   Gem Hilted Ceremonial Knife
   Gem Hilted Sacrificial Knife
   gold emblem of awakened
   Green Emerald Stave
   Highwayman's Chain Gloves of Deftness
   Highwayman's Chain Tunic of Silent Death
   Highwayman's Silver-Trimmed Chain Shoes of Deftness
   Highwayman's Vambraces of Silent Death
   horned leather pelt
   Illusionary Spellshard
   Immaculate Amethyst
   impure chunk of arcane stone
   Instructor's Bronzespun Hand Wraps of the Serpent
   Instructor's Gi of the Serpent
   Instructor's Wrist Wraps of the Serpent
   Iridescent Crystal
   Large Grub
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Loamy Loop Band
   Loop of the Greater Nomad
   Mace of Werewolf Slaughter
   Magi's Armband of the Scarab
   Mantle of the Ghoul Summoner
   Marauder's Helmet of Overpowering
   Marauder's Sabatons of Overpowering
   Myrmidon's Bracers of the Sentinel
   Myrmidon's Iron Reinforced Pauldrons of the Sentinel
   Nightwalker's Choker of Dominance
   Nightwalker's Choker of Healing
   old tinkered clock
   Opalline Gemmed Trinket
   Oration of Sacrifice (Adept)
   Otyugh (Berserker)
   Outlaw's Chain Helmet of Quickness
   Outlaw's Chain Leggings of Quickness
   Outlaw's Chain Shoes of Quickness
   Outlaw's Lambent Chain Spaulders of Quickness
   Ovate's Handguards of the Enlightened
   petrified beholder eye
   polished basilisk incisor
   polished basilisk molar
   polished dragon insignia
   Preacher's Immortal Plate Pauldrons of Wellness
   Preacher's Plate Boots of Wellness
   Priest's Armband of the Scarab
   prismatic dragon scale fragment
   pristine Droag scale
   Pristine Moonstone
   Pristine Ruby
   purple feather leaf
   Ravasect (Monk)
   Ravasect (Shadowknight)
   Ravasect (Warden)
   ravasect meat
   Rector's Exalted Plate Pauldrons of Principle
   Rector's Plate Cuirass of Principle
   Rector's Wristguard of Principle
   red feather leaf
   Refined Adamantite
   refined dragon scale fragment
   reptile eye
   reptile scale
   Resilient Sifu's Gale Threaded Foot Wraps
   Ringlet of the Greater Nomad
   Rusted Cyclops Dagger
   Sandblasted Round Shield
   Sandmage's Blade of Rites
   Savage Ruin IV (Adept)
   Scaleborn Temple Note
   Scout's Armband of the Scarab
   scuffed dragon bone shard
   shattered cinder ore
   shining dragon scale
   Signet of the Vampire Hunter
   silver emblem of awakened
   small bag of ammonium nitrate
   small bag of compost
   small broken Droag claw
   small broken Droag molar
   small chipped Droag incisor
   small chipped Droag molar
   small polished Droag claw
   small pristine piece of airship plating
   small shining piece of airship plating
   small worn Droag incisor
   Snake Head Token
   Spectral Orb of Control
   Sphere of Hypnotism
   Sphere of the Frost Orb
   Spiked Collar of the Dunestalker
   Spiritwalker's Chain Boots of Summons
   Spiritwalker's Chausses of Summons
   Spiritwalker's Umbral Rune Spaulders of Summons
   stained serrated tooth
   statue of Xegony
   Stud of the Vampire Lord
   tan feather leaf
   Teachings of Master Wu
   Teachings of Master Wu - Page 5
   Teachings of Master Wu - Page 6
   Torque of the Doomcaster
   Treespeaker's Ashenwood Leather Boots of the Stargazer
   Treespeaker's Bands of the Stargazer
   Trinni's Adventures Aloft - Page 7
   Vampire Hunter's Armlet of Faith
   vial of bixie blood
   Warrior's Armband of the Scarab
   Waterfalls - Page 8
   Waterfalls - Page 10
   Waterfalls - Page 6
   weathered dragon bone shard
   weathered dragon insignia
   Windwalker's Cap of Regrowth
   Windwalker's Leather Pants of Regrowth
   Wisp Glowing Arcanist's Circlet
   worn basilisk incisor
   worn basilisk molar
   Wrap of the Shadow Assassin
   yellow feather leaf

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