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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 107499 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Banisher Gezark, Cyenadros, Drovbaaz the Restrainer, Exarch Duraniz Zealos, Exarch Urilz Vaar, Hand of the Exarch, Invoker Ralrak, Koturah, Oracle Tuunza, Orate Bozar, Orate Kruunz, Orate Sivark, Overseer of Recovery, Portal Guard Graliz, Relickeeper Zariniss, Remnants of Spirit, Remnants of Vasile Jahnir, Scorchprow the Builder, Slasher of Souls, Soulclencher Jagz, Soulrender Xirloz, Sslan'yiz the Animator, Talonlord Kayzon, Talonlord Steelrend, Zorv the Soulsnarera giant eternal aegis, a herald of Dar, a recovering soulclencher, a Scaleborn acolyte, a Scaleborn banisher, a Scaleborn benedictor, a Scaleborn diviner, a Scaleborn harbinger, a Scaleborn magus, a Scaleborn reaver, a Scaleborn ritualist, a Scaleborn sentry, a Scaleborn soulclencher, a Scaleborn warrior, a Scaleborn worshipper, a silent sentinel, a tormented wraith, a watchful aegis, a watchful custodian, a watchful spiritualist, an alert Scaleborn sentry, an assistant to the Exarch, an Awakened cellkeeper, an Awakened spiritualist, an eternal aegis

Treasured ItemsRegular Items
   a drakota claw
   a drakota eye
   a drakota tongue
   a drakota tooth
   a droag hide
   a droag horn
   a droag jaw
   a droag ribcage
   a droag tooth
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Titanium Relic
   a charred black staff
   a focused ethereal dagger
   a medallion of the covenant
   a seer lore almanac
   a sword hilt of the Sentinel Prime
   a velium etched circlet
   a vial of drake tears
   a vial of ethereal dragon blood
   Arctic Blast VII (Master)
   Autumn's Kiss VII (Master)
   bag of gypsum
   Banner of the Scaleborn
   Basket of Desiccated Serpents
   Basket of Dried Tangleflies
   Blacktalon Tail Feather
   Bladeweaver VII (Master)
   Bob and Weave VII (Master)
   Bzzt Bixie Wing
   Dark Infestation IV (Master)
   Demoralizing Processional IV (Master)
   dragon breath's ale
   dragon hoard keys
   Drake (Fury)
   Dried Yellow Jacket Basket
   Droag (Assassin)
   Droag (Berserker)
   Droag (Defiler)
   Droag (Guardian)
   Droag (Mystic)
   Droag (Shadowknight)
   Droag (Wizard)
   Fabled Adornment of Prophecy
   Fabled Animator's Cinch
   Fabled Awakened Dreadguard Chain Bracers
   Fabled Awakened Dreadguard Chain Breastplate
   Fabled Awakened Dreadguard Leather Bracers
   Fabled Awakened Dreadguard Leather Tunic
   Fabled Awakened Dreadguard Plate Bracers
   Fabled Awakened Dreadguard Robe
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Chain Boots
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Chain Breastplate
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Chain Gauntlets
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Chain Helm
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Chain Leggings
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Chain Vambraces
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Cloth Boots
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Cloth Gauntlets
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Cloth Helm
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Cloth Leggings
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Cloth Mantle
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Leather Boots
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Leather Gauntlets
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Leather Helm
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Leather Leggings
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Leather Tunic
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Leather Vambraces
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Plate Boots
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Plate Breastplate
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Plate Gauntlets
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Plate Helm
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Plate Leggings
   Fabled Awakened Dreadlord Plate Vambraces
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Chain Boots
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Chain Bracers
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Chain Gauntlets
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Chain Leggings
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Chain Vambraces
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Cloth Boots
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Cloth Bracers
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Cloth Gauntlets
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Cloth Helm
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Cloth Leggings
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Cloth Vambraces
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Leather Boots
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Leather Bracers
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Leather Helm
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Leather Leggings
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Leather Vambraces
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Plate Boots
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Plate Bracers
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Plate Gauntlets
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Plate Leggings
   Fabled Awakened Scaleguard Plate Vambraces
   Fabled Blood Splattered Bindings
   Fabled Brace of Radiant Scales
   Fabled Bracelet of Enlightenment
   Fabled Chipped Ivory Mask
   Fabled Ear of Souls
   Fabled Earring of Arresting
   Fabled Emblem of Exorcism
   Fabled Exarch's Clasp
   Fabled Ghostly Ring of Torment
   Fabled Ring of Farseeing
   Fabled Ring of Might
   Fabled Scalesplitter's Bangles
   Fabled Signet of Formation
   Fabled Signet of the Talonlord
   flask of deep water
   Frayed Soulrender's Harness
   glowing stone eye
   gnawed bone
   Grave Sacrament VI (Master)
   Harl's Rousing Tune VIII (Master)
   Harvest Mana VI (Master)
   Hooluk Plume
   Ice Spears VIII (Master)
   Lesser Essence of Acid
   Lesser Essence of Electricity
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Lesser Essence of Ice
   Lesser Essence of Illusion
   Lesser Essence of Pestilence
   Lesser Essence of Radiance
   Lesser Essence of Runes
   Lesser Essence of Shadow
   Liquid Brazier
   Litany VI (Master)
   Lung Puncture III (Master)
   Moderate Essence of Acid
   Moderate Essence of Electricity
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Moderate Essence of Illusion
   Moderate Essence of Nature
   Moderate Essence of Pestilence
   Moderate Essence of Radiance
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Moderate Essence of Shadow
   Mystical Theurgist's Harness
   Netherlord V (Master)
   Peerless Predator VI (Master)
   Pledge of Armament VII (Master)
   Pummel VIII (Master)
   Reaver's Reinforced Harness
   Sanctum Cell Door Key
   Scaleborn Banisher's Staff
   Scaleborn Battle Axe
   Scaleborn Fern
   Scaleborn Reaver's Greatsword
   Scaleborn Soulrender's Dagger
   Shoulder Charge VII (Master)
   Skywatcher's Feather
   Sleight of Hand II (Master)
   Solar Flare X (Master)
   Spirit of the Bat V (Master)
   stone tooth
   Storm of Steel IV (Master)
   Taunting Blow VIII (Master)
   The Fabled Animator's Blade
   The Fabled Barrierbreaker
   The Fabled Blade of Calling
   The Fabled Blood Splattered Blade
   The Fabled Blue Scaled Mace of Rebellion
   The Fabled Builder's Mallet
   The Fabled Club of Culling
   The Fabled Dagger of Enlightenment
   The Fabled Dagger of Lifecatching
   The Fabled Dirk of the Speaker
   The Fabled Entrykeeper
   The Fabled Exarch's Pike of the Scaleborn
   The Fabled Exorciser
   The Fabled Fang of Koturah
   The Fabled Fragmented Longbow
   The Fabled Glistening Pouch of Jahnir
   The Fabled Governor's Club
   The Fabled Hammer of Formation
   The Fabled Jahnir's Fractured Crystallized Orb
   The Fabled Loyalist's Spear
   The Fabled Mace of Desolation
   The Fabled Mace of Dominion
   The Fabled Mace of the Scaleguard
   The Fabled Mace of the Talonlord
   The Fabled Overseer's Persuader
   The Fabled Partisan of Farseeing
   The Fabled Portalblade
   The Fabled Prophecy Crusher
   The Fabled Restrainer's Mace
   The Fabled Scaleslicer
   The Fabled Scalesplitter
   The Fabled Scepter of the Invoker
   The Fabled Shimmering Wand of Glass
   The Fabled Shining Sword of the Arisen
   The Fabled Silk-Wrapped Mace of Creation
   The Fabled Sivark's Kindled Club
   The Fabled Soulcarver
   The Fabled Soulclencher's Mace
   The Fabled Souldevourer
   The Fabled Soulsnarer's Staff
   The Fabled Spiritsmasher
   The Fabled Spiritwracked Staff
   The Fabled Staff of Arresting
   The Fabled Staff of Recovery
   The Fabled Steelrend's Flight Blade
   The Fabled Stoneshatterer
   The Fabled Sword of Banishment
   The Fabled Wyrmcleave
   white lotus seeds
   Withered Bloodbloom Basket

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