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Darathar, Er'aithe the Broodmother, Guardian of Darathar, Rawg, Traitor of Zeka Deathfist mercenary, a protective broodling

Fabled ItemsLegendary ItemsTreasured ItemsUncommon ItemsRegular Items
   a crate containing Darathar's head
   Ancient Ancestral Gloves
   Axe of Misery
   Band of Detection
   Band of the Shimmering Spirit
   Bracelet of Dominance
   Disenchanted Sleeves of the Sky
   Drake hide tunic
   Eye of the Broodmother
   Flamboyant Strike (Master)
   Greataxe of the Traitor
   Greatstaff of the Windwalker
   Ironfist Knuckles
   Lava forged cuirass
   Lunar Ornate Spear
   Marran Halberd
   Shadowstalker Leggings
   Taskmasters Battle Hammer
   Valian bow
   Er'aithe's Claw
   Er'aithe's Hide
   Rawg's Blood-Drenched Gauntlets
   Rawg's Chestplate
   Act of War II (Adept)
   an orc eye
   an orc skin
   an orc spine
   Ancient Ebon Katana
   Ancient Ebon Short Sword
   Ancient Ebon Tomahawk
   Ancient Wrath III (Adept)
   Bayberry Sealed Document
   black ebon chainmail bracers
   black ebon platemail wristguards
   Daro's Dull Blade IV (Adept)
   Devastation Fist II (Adept)
   Enchanted Kite Shield
   Fissured Ruby
   Flurry of Blades II (Adept)
   Greatstaff of Lore
   Hardened Ebon Knuckles
   Indicolite Relic
   Instinct II (Adept)
   Intact Cedar Book Cover
   Lunar Attendant (Adept)
   Netted Mantle
   Noxious Efflux III (Adept)
   rhodium cluster
   Riddled Linen Coverlet
   Shaped Ebon Coin
   Advanced Adornments Volume 6
   a drake scale
   a fragment of bone
   a vial of dragon blood
   a vial of drake blood
   Blackguard's Spiked Chain Tunic
   blade leaf
   Catalyst's Spellwoven Leggings of the Arcanespeaker
   Catalyst's Spellwoven Robe of Channeling
   Disciple's Dark Silk Gi of the Dragon
   Disciple's Harmonious Gi
   Diviner's Ghostly Chain Boots of Visions
   Drake (Fury)
   reptile meat
   Skirmisher's Gleaming Breastplate
   Theurgist's Blessed Plate Cuirass
   Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Boots of Judgment
   Wanderer's Wand of Divinity

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