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Arbitrator Roparzh, Astronomer Omidar, Chief Gragnar, Council Member Faridoon, Darkstrider, Frightfang, Ghazi the Conqueror, Grozdan Haunthoof, Illia the Terrorfang Pridewatcher, King Speleothem, Oxdaxius Reforming, Rawritor, Shereem the Handler, Shredmistress Ikaika, Xosith the Greedy, Xxuilz the Punisher, Zonzok the Derangeda blighted fearstalker, a carnivorous netherbloom, a crazed slobberjaw, a forgotten thrall, a Gragnar hoarder, a Gragnar ravager, a Gragnar scrapper, a Gragnar shaman, a Gruengach annihilator, a Gruengach haruspex, a Gruengach legionnaire, a Gruengach striker, a highland fearstalker, a howling slobberjaw, a hulking undercrawler, a meandering overseer, a menacing overseer, a needlebeak bloodgorger, a netherpetal nibbler, a paranoid overseer, a pond piranha, a raging slobberjaw, a Shadowed Man corruptor, a skeletal fearstalker, a slitherstrike mamba, a slobberjaw drudge, a spell-shocked slobberjaw, a Stonebrunt crusher, a Stonebrunt scintilla, a Stonebrunt stalagmaw, a tainted scintilla, a Terrorfang arsonist, a Terrorfang guerrilla, a Terrorfang nihilist, a Terrorfang plunderpaw, a Theerian blademaven, a Theerian raider, a Theerian shadowblade, a vanquished Kejekan insurgent, a vanquished Kejekan rebel, a void assaulter, a void crusher, a whirling maelstrom, a wretched slobberjaw, an enslaved slobberjaw, an Erudian acolyte, an Erudian analyst, an Erudian neophyte, an Erudian observer, an Erudian scholar, an Erudian slaver, an Erudian theurgist, an Erudin quisling, an Erudin voidcaller, an insectivorous nibbler, slobberjaw entity

Fabled ItemsLegendary ItemsTreasured ItemsUncommon ItemsRegular Items
   Winds of Healing VII (Master)
   Battle Warped Wood
   a ghost emotion resonance
   a kobold ear
   a kobold fang
   a kobold heart
   a kobold kidney
   a kobold paw
   a shadowman planar fiber
   a shadowman swirling shadow
   a shadowman void kernel
   a shadowman vortex ripple
   a skeleton arm
   a skeleton leg
   a skeleton reanimation rune
   a skeleton sorrow core
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   an elemental binding rune
   an elemental fascination rune
   an elemental planar seed
   Apophelli Wax Sealed Document
   Deklium Relic
   Kunzite Amulet
   Kunzite Scrying Stone
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Titanium Relic
   Transference Directive
   Advanced Adornments Volume 8
   Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer
   Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Antonica
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Commonlands
   Cherry Gumdrops
   Licorice Candy
   Licorice Rope
   Peanut Brittle
   Popcorn Ball
   a fish eye
   a fishman scale amulet
   a fractured piece of stone
   a ground stone
   a gruengach broken shackle
   a gruengach gastrolith
   a gruengach grotesque nose ring
   a gruengach midnight stone
   a gruengach spiky shoe
   a smashed voidcraft controller
   A twisted roper limb
   Advanced Adornments Volume 9
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 86
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 88
   Advanced Armorer Volume 85
   Advanced Armorer Volume 86
   Advanced Armorer Volume 88
   Advanced Armorer Volume 89
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 85
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 85
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 87
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 88
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 89
   Advanced Sage Volume 87
   Advanced Sage Volume 88
   Advanced Tailor Volume 86
   Advanced Tailor Volume 89
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 87
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 88
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 86
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 88
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 89
   an ancient helmet
   an arachnid fang
   an inert lightstone
   an overseer brain sample
   an undercrawler tissue sample
   Ancestral Ward VIII (Adept)
   Ancient Shroud VIII (Master)
   Aurora VI (Adept)
   bag of tundra compost
   beholder love note
   bejeweled miniature dagger
   Bishop's Faithbringer Plate Barbute
   Bishop's Faithbringer Plate Cuirass of Smiting
   Bishop's Faithbringer Plate Gloves
   Bishop's Plate Barbute
   Bishop's Plate Gloves
   Bishop's Plate Greaves
   blood-specked syringe beak
   Bloody Reminder VII (Master)
   Blueprint: Hotwired Gnomish Hoverpad
   Blueprint: Personal Depots
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator (Moors of Ykesha)
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator (Odus)
   Body Like Mountain VI (Adept)
   Cardinal's Wristguard
   Ceremonial Blade VII (Adept)
   Champion's Pauldrons
   Chaos VII (Adept)
   Chilling Claws VII (Adept)
   Claws of Ultera
   Conqueror's Legplates
   Conqueror's Sigil Etched Helmet
   Conqueror's Sigil Etched Pauldrons of Defending
   Consumption III (Adept)
   crudely carved bowl
   crudely carved club
   crudely carved effigy
   crudely carved shield
   crudely carved spear
   Cummerbund of Decimation
   Cuss VI (Adept)
   Cuss VI (Master)
   Daring Advance VII (Adept)
   deathbloom petals
   decaying fearstalker carcass
   decaying fearstalker paw
   decaying fearstalker rib
   decaying fearstalker skull
   decaying fearstalker spine
   decaying fearstalker talon
   Displacer Beast (Wizard)
   Divine Vengeance VII (Adept)
   Dogma III (Adept)
   Doppelganger II (Master)
   Earthen Avatar VIII (Adept)
   Enlightened One's Leg Wraps
   Enlightened One's White Lotus Hand Wraps of Stability
   Enlightened One's White Lotus Skullcap
   Erudin elm leaf
   Erudin grass blade
   Erudin lilac
   Erudin lily pad
   Erudin sun flower
   erudite love note
   fearsome Gruengach battle hammer
   fearsome Gruengach dagger
   fearsome Gruengach war axe
   Fearstalker Carcass
   fearstalker meat
   fearstalker tentacles
   Fire Seed VI (Adept)
   Firestorm VII (Master)
   fish meat
   flask of glacial water
   flickering lightstone
   Forgotten Thrall Bone Chips
   gazer meat
   Glacial Flames VI (Adept)
   Glacial Wind VI (Adept)
   glass flower
   glyphed beaker
   glyphed goblet
   glyphed platter
   glyphed stein
   glyphed tome
   glyphed urn
   Goatman (Coercer)
   Goatman (Conjuror)
   Goatman (Guardian)
   Goatman (Mystic)
   Goatman (Templar)
   Goatman (Wizard)
   Grathok love note
   Grave Sacrament VI (Adept)
   greenroot tuber
   Gruengach Striker Activator
   hair of the kobold
   Heretic's Doom VI (Adept)
   Heyokah's Chain Cuffs
   Highlander's Great Spear
   Holdup VII (Adept)
   Iceshield VI (Adept)
   Iksar Skeleton (Coercer)
   Iksar Skeleton (Conjuror)
   Iksar Skeleton (Shadowknight)
   Immolation VII (Adept)
   Immolation VII (Master)
   Incarcerate V (Adept)
   Innoruuk's Caress VIII (Adept)
   Instrument of Pain
   kerra love note
   Knockout Combination III (Adept)
   Kobold (Assassin)
   Kobold (Coercer)
   Kobold (Illusionist)
   Kobold (Ranger)
   Kobold (Troubador)
   Kobold (Wizard)
   kobold meat
   large brilliant erollisi petal
   large frostbitten bone
   large iron key
   Lesser Essence of Pestilence
   Luminary's Chausses
   Luminary's Coif
   Luminary's Jaundiced Bone Coif
   Maelstrom Dust
   Malice VIII (Adept)
   mangy kobold tail
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   mottled pelt
   Noctus, Deathbearer
   partially blank Quel'ule research manual
   partially illegible Quel'ule research manual
   partially incomprehensible Quel'ule research manual
   partially undecipherable Quel'ule research manual
   Penance VIII (Adept)
   Plague VIII (Adept)
   Plainstrider's Ivy Etched Cap
   Poison-Tipped Ripper
   polished lapis lazuli orb
   Precise Strike VI (Adept)
   Prexian Tabard of the Sailor
   Prexian Tabard of the Sea Captain
   Prexian Tabard of the Tide
   Prexian Tabard of the Waves
   Raxxyl's Rousing Tune VIII (Adept)
   Rebuke VIII (Adept)
   Regenerating Spores V (Adept)
   Rending V (Adept)
   Retaliate V (Adept)
   Riana's Relentless Tune VII (Master)
   Rift III (Adept)
   roper sinew
   Rune of Thought VII (Adept)
   Satchel of Darkfire
   Savant's Illusionary Silk Robe
   Savant's Leggings
   Savant's Phantasmic Silk Cowl
   Scintilla Dust
   shadow-marked curio
   shadow-marked gemstone
   shadow-marked shiny trinket
   shadow-marked stone tablet
   Shield of Sufficient Sanity
   Shield of the Scorched Earth
   Skeletal Fearstalker Bone Chips
   Skeleton (Troubador)
   skeleton love note
   Slobberjaw fur patch
   Snake (Brigand)
   snake fang
   snake venom sac
   Snake-Undead (Shadowknight)
   Spirits VII (Adept)
   Spiritual Circle III (Adept)
   Stalagmaw Bits
   Stirge (Assassin)
   Stonebrunt Imbued Belt
   Stonebrunt Studded Strap
   Storm Warden's Bands
   Storm Warden's Shoulder Pads
   Surge of Ro V (Master)
   Tease VI (Master)
   Tempest VIII (Adept)
   tentacle statue
   titanium ore
   Todden Gremner's Lucky Spoon
   Tome of Reality Ripples
   Tormenting Conversion IV (Adept)
   Tranquility III (Adept)
   Trick Shot VI (Adept)
   Ulteran Star
   Umbral Warding VII (Adept)
   Unending Agony VII (Master)
   Untamed Regeneration VII (Master)
   Vanguard's Black Wolf Chain Helmet
   Vanguard's Chain Gloves
   Vanguard's Chain Leggings
   Void Orders
   Void-Touched Erudin Dagger
   War Cry VI (Adept)
   Willow Wisp VII (Adept)

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