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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 119398 items submitted by the player community

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Named Mobs
Arch-Magistor Modrfrost, Imperator Kolskeggr, King Tormax, Legatus Prime Mikill, Primus Pilus Gunnr

Treasured ItemsRegular Items
   a giant whisker
   Arch-Magistor's Flail
   Aura of Void V (Master)
   Aurora VI (Master)
   Battery and Assault VIII (Master)
   Chain of the Burning Vortex
   Choker of the Imperator's Touch
   Cloak of Bolstered Confidence
   Cloak of Kromzek Furiousness
   Cruor-Forged Cuffs
   Cruor-Forged Epaulets
   Cruor-Forged Gauntlets
   Cruor-Forged Gloves
   Cruor-Forged Mitts
   Cruor-Forged Pauldrons
   Cruor-Forged Shoulder Pads
   Cruor-Forged Spaulders
   Deadly Shot VII (Master)
   Doom Judgment IV (Master)
   Edge of Pure Elemental Fury
   Fist of Cyclonic Freezing
   Geotic Rune VII (Master)
   Gilded Chain of Kromzek Pride
   Healing Torque of the Imperator
   Immobilizing Lunge VII (Master)
   Indomitable Will VII (Master)
   Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem VI (Master)
   Legatus Strike Blade
   Makeshift Arrows VI (Master)
   Mallet of Symbiotic Auras
   Mantle of the Prime Legatus
   Mikill's Shroud of Flurried Strikes
   Pledge of Armament VI (Master)
   Primal Fury VI (Master)
   Pure Primal Velium Shard
   Symbol of Marzin VI (Master)
   Trophy: Head of King Tormax the Ancient
   Vampire Bats V (Master)
   Vexing Verses VII (Master)
   War Rune: Foundations of Stone
   War Rune: Quenching Stream
   War Rune: Steadfast Resolve
   War Rune: Subterranean Will
   War Rune: Velium Dominion

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