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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 105006 items submitted by the player community

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Aiden, Benach Aglebar, Captain Grush, Dayakara, Digg, Gelidus Ventus, Imperator Ignus, Khost Alura burning demon, a Darkmaul trainee, a Najenaar blazermancer, a Najenaar cindershock, a Najenaar darkmaul, a Najenaar debilitator, a Najenaar dreadmaul, a Najenaar frostguard, a Najenaar hydroblight, a Najenaar scorchtroop, a Najenaar souselord, a Najenaar tempestcaller, a Najenaar toxicar, a spectral tome, a spectral volume, an Elite Teir'Dal Knight, an Elite Teir'Dal Swordsman, an eternal maul

Fabled ItemsLegendary ItemsTreasured ItemsUncommon ItemsRegular Items
   Aggressive Elemental Ring
   Ancestral Avenger IV (Master)
   Ancestral Savior IV (Master)
   Autumn's Kiss VI (Master)
   Blackened Spiked Choker
   Champion's Cape of Solid Stance
   Cloak of Billowing Darkness
   Corrupted Orb of Stilled Lava
   Drape of the Enraged Elemental
   Earring of Pulsing Magma
   Elemental Champion's Boot Mold
   Elemental Champion's Breastplate Mold
   Elemental Champion's Gauntlet Mold
   Elemental Champion's Greaves Mold
   Elemental Champion's Helm Mold
   Elemental Champion's Spaulder Mold
   Elemental Collar of Binding
   Elemental Conqueror's Boot Mold
   Elemental Conqueror's Chestguard Mold
   Elemental Conqueror's Glove Mold
   Elemental Conqueror's Helm Mold
   Elemental Conqueror's Legging Mold
   Elemental Conqueror's Shoulderguard Mold
   Elemental Gladiator's Boot Mold
   Elemental Gladiator's Glove Mold
   Elemental Gladiator's Helm Mold
   Elemental Gladiator's Leggings Mold
   Elemental Gladiator's Shoulderguard Mold
   Elemental Gladiator's Vest Mold
   Elemental Infused Wristguards
   Elemental Master's Boot Mold
   Elemental Master's Glove Mold
   Elemental Master's Hood Mold
   Elemental Master's Mantle Mold
   Elemental Master's Pantaloon Mold
   Elemental Master's Vest Mold
   Elemental Vanquisher's Boot Mold
   Elemental Vanquisher's Glove Mold
   Elemental Vanquisher's Helm Mold
   Elemental Vanquisher's Legging Mold
   Elemental Vanquisher's Mantle Mold
   Ethermage's Flamespun Sleeves
   Fireborn Sleeves of Mindmelting
   Flaming Effigy of a Lava Elemental
   Fused Obsidian Bracers
   Glass Knuckled Fist of Lava
   Harvest Mana V (Master)
   Heavy Hammer of Hard Knocks
   Howl of Death V (Master)
   Illusory Allies II (Master)
   Lava Rock Choker
   Lavaborn Warg
   Lavalink Bracers of Eruption
   Lavaspun Steel Belt
   Lavaworn Bracers of Chaotic Energy
   Lavawrought Champion's Bracers
   Magma-Etched Wristguards
   Molten Eidolon's Bracers
   Mutilate VI (Master)
   Precise Strike V (Master)
   Predatory Plug
   Sapphire Gemmed Necklace
   Sever VI (Master)
   Soothing Earring
   Swiftash Shadow Sash
   Swiftlace Shadow Waist
   Threaded Bracers of Volcanic Percussion
   Tri-element Loop
   Umbral Ash Bracers
   Veiled Striker's Circlet
   Vicious Axe of Nynok
   Void-Sheltered Stud
   Volcanic Girdle of Flowing
   Volcanic Knight's Tempered Bracers
   Wall of Screaming Souls
   Wardpriest's Drape
   White-hot Ring
   Wispy Wall of Air
   Channeling Crystal of the Sullonites
   Crystallized Elemental Circlet
   Crystallized Noxious Circlet
   Crystallized Prismatic Circlet
   Crystallized Soul Circlet
   Elemental Idol of Disease
   Elemental Idol of Flame
   Elemental Idol of Ice
   Elemental Idol of Marr
   Elemental Idol of Poison
   Elemental Idol of Storms
   Elemental Idol of Thought
   Lava Dipped Bangle
   Lava Dipped Cinch
   Lava Dipped Clasp
   Lava Dipped Stud
   Rocky Elemental Band
   Rocky Noxious Band
   Rocky Prismatic Band
   Rocky Soul Band
   Sulfur Fused Bangle
   Sulfur Fused Cinch
   Sulfur Fused Clasp
   Sulfur Fused Stud
   Thought Provoking Bangle
   Thought Provoking Cinch
   Thought Provoking Clasp
   Thought Provoking Stud
   Amnesia II (Adept)
   an elemental planar seed
   Ancient Shroud VII (Adept)
   Ancient Wrath VI (Adept)
   Apophelli Wax Sealed Document
   Apply Poison II (Adept)
   Bash VII (Adept)
   Communion (Adept)
   Concussion V (Adept)
   Dawnstrike VII (Adept)
   Deklium Relic
   Dismay V (Adept)
   Disorientation VI (Adept)
   Doppelganger (Adept)
   Fanaticism III (Adept)
   Fatal Followup (Adept)
   Feral Tenacity IV (Adept)
   Fervent Faith II (Adept)
   Flash of Steel VII (Adept)
   Forced Obedience V (Adept)
   Frenzy III (Adept)
   Frostbite V (Adept)
   Gouge V (Adept)
   Harl's Rousing Tune VII (Adept)
   Healing Fate V (Adept)
   Holy Ground (Adept)
   Ice Comet III (Adept)
   Inner Calm VI (Adept)
   Insidious Whisper VII (Adept)
   Insolence II (Adept)
   Iron Will V (Adept)
   Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem V (Adept)
   Jugular Slice V (Adept)
   Kidney Stab VI (Adept)
   Knight's Stance VI (Adept)
   Kunzite Amulet
   Kunzite Scrying Stone
   Lucky Gambit VII (Adept)
   Lunar Attendant III (Adept)
   Manatap IV (Adept)
   Manhandle V (Adept)
   Mind's Eye III (Adept)
   Miragul's Dark Heart Summoning (Adept)
   Necrotic Reconstruction VII (Adept)
   Outward Calm II (Adept)
   Perfection of the Maestro II (Adept)
   Phantasmal Awe V (Adept)
   Premonition VI (Adept)
   Redemption IV (Adept)
   Repent (Adept)
   Searing Shot VI (Adept)
   Sinister Countenance V (Adept)
   Surge of Ro IV (Adept)
   Tease V (Adept)
   Tempest VII (Adept)
   Transcendence VI (Adept)
   Ursine Avatar V (Adept)
   Winds of Healing VI (Adept)
   Wrath of the Ancients IV (Adept)
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 75
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 79
   Advanced Sage Volume 79
   Advanced Tailor Volume 79
   a globe of water
   Act of War V (Adept)
   Advanced Adornments Volume 9
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 83
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 83
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 84
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 85
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 84
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 85
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 85
   Armor of Nature VII (Adept)
   Band of Warring Minds
   bejeweled miniature dagger
   Blueprint: Personal Depots
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator (Moors of Ykesha)
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator (Odus)
   bookminion binding
   Chimera Feathered Armband
   dazzling elemental heart
   Elemental Aspect VII (Adept)
   elemental form
   Encrusted Essence of Air
   Encrusted Essence of Fire
   Encrusted Essence of Water
   Enlightened One's White Lotus Arm Wraps
   Genie (Assassin)
   Genie (Coercer)
   Genie (Conjuror)
   Genie (Defiler)
   Genie (Inquisitor)
   Genie (Warlock)
   Genie (Wizard)
   large glimmering globe of steam
   large lustrous steam-scoured stone
   legible bookminion page
   Lesser Essence of Nature
   Maddening Swarm IV (Adept)
   Moderate Essence of Nature
   Pestilence II (Adept)
   polished lapis lazuli orb
   Ringlet of Warring Minds
   Rupture VI (Adept)
   Tenacity VI (Adept)
   tentacle statue
   Transcendent Focus
   Ultera's Band of Destruction
   Void Shard
   waterlogged stone

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