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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 80297 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Anthemusa, Digger Kertig, Lozonn Rhag, Quartermaster Klag, Touk Deadwooda bloodtusk gorer, a bloodtusk warbeast, a deadwood harbinger, a deadwood reanimator, a deadwood timbersong, a scorched elemental defender, a Scourge castigator, a Scourge clearcutter, a Scourge invader, a Scourge lackey, a Scourge lookout, a Scourge rager, a Scourge warmage, a subservient corpse, an elemental rivulet, coastal snapper, siren coercer

Regular Items
   a crab brain
   a hollow siren conch
   a Scourge clearcutter's axe
   Alabaster Boundary Marker
   antique Malduran coin
   Arcane Umbra Gravel
   Arcannium Wax Sealed Document
   Ashen Elemental Essence
   bag of gypsum
   Bear Bone Dice
   Blackened Curve Claw Hammer
   Blackened Elemental Essence
   Blacksmith's Maul Hammer
   Blacksmith's Sledge Hammer
   Blistered Elemental Essence
   bloodtusk meat
   Bloody Bone Dice
   Carved Figure of Battle
   Carved Figure of Conflict
   Carved Figure of Contest
   Carved Figure of Hostility
   Carved Figure of Strife
   Carved Figure of Striking
   Carved Stone Dice
   cerulean umbrite shard
   Chain of Song
   Charred Elemental Essence
   classical icon of Brell
   Crux of the Corrupt
   Crux of the Depraved
   Crux of the Dishonest
   Crux of the Impure
   Crux of the Vile
   Crux of the Violent
   Deadwood Leather Cap
   Deadwood Plate Barbute
   Deadwood Vanguard Barbute
   Emblem of Sorrow
   Emblem of Oakleaf
   Emblem of the Kind
   Emblem of the Patient
   Emblem of the Wise
   Emblem of Time
   Energized Pearl
   flask of deep water
   Glittervein Relic
   gnawed bone
   Hound of War Sigil
   Kertig's Mighty Wall
   Limestone Boundary Marker
   Lumicite Amulet
   Lumicite Scrying Stone
   Proof of Breath
   Proof of Energy
   Proof of Growth
   Proof of Life
   Proof of Soul
   Proof of Vitality
   pyre umbrite shard
   Sandstone Boundary Marker
   Scalded Elemental Essence
   Scourge Tainted Axe
   Scourge Tainted Blade
   Scourge Tainted Bow
   Scourge Tainted Dagger
   Scourge Tainted Hammer
   Scourge Tainted Javelin
   Serpentine Boundary Marker
   Siege Quartermaster's Chain Helm
   Siege Quartermaster's Cloth Cap
   Siege Quartermaster's Leather Cap
   Siege Quartermaster's Orcskin Cap
   Siege Quartermaster's Plate Helm
   Siege Quartermaster's Vanguard Helm
   Silvered Chasing Hammer
   Singed Elemental Essence
   Slate Boundary Marker
   Soapstone Boundary Marker
   Tallonite's Bloodsoaked Cloth Gloves
   Tallonite's Leather Handwraps
   Tallonite's Plate Gauntlets
   Treant Bark Dice
   Velium Welder Hammer
   Warboar Bone Dice
   Waters of Courage
   Waters of Heart
   Waters of Life
   Waters of Resolve
   Waters of Warmth
   Waters of Will
   Worn Steel Hammer
   Yellowed Bone Dice

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